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Welcome to the Yoga Day Summit Support Center. This event is being presented by The Shift Network. We're excited to offer this incredible online gathering of saints and sages of India — leading teachers, musicians and modern yogis — and we're passionate about providing the best support possible to our participants. Please begin by reading through the following Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question(s) in the FAQs, please scroll down and click on the appropriate support link for additional assistance.


Live Calls and Free Replay FAQs:


Where is the Program Schedule and Replays page?

Access the summit Program Schedule and Replays page.

How do I listen to the live calls and/or watch the video broadcast?

If you've already registered, we've emailed you a phone number and PIN code. (Don't see it in your inbox? Please check your spam filter.)

For general access, dial +1-425-440-5100 and enter the PIN 498523#. Click here for additional access options. You can also listen live or watch video via webcast, from the Program Schedule & Replays Page here.

NOTE: If your video freezes, please try the following fixes:

  1. Reload/refresh the page in your browser.
  2. Quit and restart your browser, and then return to the program page.

How do I listen to and watch the free replays?

Recordings are posted on the Program Page, usually within four hours after the live call. Then it's available to you for free replay for a limited time. Click on the speaker’s name on the left, and the audio or video player will appear above the speaker’s bio on the right once the recording has been posted.

NOTE: If you don’t see an audio or video replay option, either the recording is not posted yet, or the free playback window has expired. If you’ve had the Program Schedule and Replay web page open for a while, please refresh or reload the page to update it.

Additional Audio Troubleshooting:

Our default audio player will work on most devices by clicking the yellow “Play” button. Make sure that the player is not muted by clicking the "max volume" speaker icon on the right side of the volume bar, and that the volume on your computer/device is turned up. If you’re still not hearing anything, then take one of the following steps and try the “Play” button again:

Additional Video Troubleshooting:

  • If your video becomes choppy (i.e. starts and stops), please pause the video, keep it paused for a full minute, and then resume playback
  • If your video completely freezes, refresh the page in your web browser
  • If neither of those solves the problem, try using a different web browser, or quit/restart your current browser

Where is my free registration bonus?

You can grab your bonus on the summit Program Schedule and Replays page, or contact customer service here.

All other Customer Support questions:

For all other questions about this Summit, please click here:

Thank you for visiting our Yoga Day Summit Customer Support Center!