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With Speaker, Author & Music Therapist
Christine Stevens

08/03/2024 5:00:00 PM
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Explore the depth and ease of improvisational flute playing technically and soulfully (and even if you don’t own a flute) to release inhibitions caused by self-criticism, shift into flow states, find your creative expression, and even unearth your higher purpose.

Many of us have an intense longing to create and express ourselves, but we’re inhibited by fear. We’re afraid of doing it wrong or producing something that’s just not good enough.

What if you could turn off your self-judgment and inner critic and just sit down with a musical instrument and start playing joyously, exuberantly, and without inhibition every note perfect in the moment, allowing your soul to sing its own song and express its greatest longings.

Early on, many of us learn to bury our expressive impulses buying into the belief that there’s a right way and a wrong way to create. We were told to draw inside the lines, make our poems rhyme, and play every note as written.

But, the truth is that when we express ourselves freely and creatively, there are no missteps just discoveries that make us more awake, more inventive, and more resilient in taking on the unknown and unexpected.

In this inspiring one-hour event, Christine Stevens, author, speaker, and music therapist, will take you on an improvisational music journey with the Native American-style flute (or simply using your voice) to shift your brain into the present moment. (Don’t worry! No one else will hear you.)

Christine says that the Native American-style flute is one of the easiest and most fulfilling instruments to learn, because it’s crafted in the five notes of the pentatonic scale...

... and no matter how you combine them, it’s impossible to make a mistake. There are no wrong notes!

Playing improvisationally, Christine asserts, liberates your imagination and enables you to find what’s really true for you. When you improvise, you peel away layers of self-limitation and may even uncover your higher purpose.

Scientists have found that when playing music improvisationally (or “winging it”) the medial prefrontal cortex boldly lights up, while the activity in the lateral cortex decreases dramatically. This means that the area of the brain that self-monitors for the accuracy and appropriateness of your output is shut off, allowing you to unleash uninhibited self-expression.

During this event, Christine will guide you through the five notes of the pentatonic scale, giving you an opportunity to feel the emotional content of each note and the energy traveling up your spine as you journey up and down the scale.

Come and jam with Christine even if you don’t have your own instrument as she plays her flute along with drums and rattles... and experience for yourself how improvising in a group setting opens up your creativity and harmony and allows you to let go and trust your instincts.

And, she’ll provide you with an animal spirit prompt to sing or play with the medicine of the Eagle which symbolizes the unrestricted aspect of the natural world, and the power of freedom in literally “winging it.”

This isn’t just about music! You may be surprised to know how creating and playing improvisationally can open a doorway into new states of consciousness that can transform how you live your entire life.


In this musical event, you’ll:

  • Discover an “earthing” practice with sound  to ground you into nature and then uplift you
  • Practice improvisation with voice or flute based on the 5-note scale, and discover each note’s purpose and energetic gift
  • Be infused by a healing improvisation with Christine’s branch flute in the key of E
  • Experience the inspiration and cultural significance of combining drum, rattle and flute the three sounds of creation in the Mexican tradition
  • Work with the medicine of the Eagle whose wings remind us of “winging it” and the connection of flute and birds, for a sense of freedom that may alter the way you live your life

Adopted into a Native American family in a Making-of-a-Relative ceremony, Christine spent more than a decade learning to sing Lakota prayer songs in sweat lodge ceremonies and participating in vision quests with Descendants of the Earth and Oceti Wakan, nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving the traditions and values of Native American culture. 

With the permission of her elders and with great respect for the Red Road traditions of music medicine, she continues to play in sacred sites, from a Sedona vortex to the Grand Tetons. 

Christine brought her Native American-style flute to the war zone of Iraq to create peace-making between enemy groups who spoke three languages. This project was honored in the United Nations Compendium of Music as a Global Resource by virtue of its success in creating a sense of community and peace.

Whether you’re new to the Native American-style flute or you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll find that focusing on improvisation will help you enter a powerful flow state... enabling you to respond more spontaneously to emotional cues and the prompts of Mother Nature as you feel called to in each moment. You’ll find yourself playing more freely and naturally, expressing who you truly are and what you really feel.

When you join Christine for this hour, you’ll also be among the first to hear about her brand-new 7-week live video course, in which you’ll delve deeper into the world of improvisation on the Native American-style flute learning playing techniques and meditative practices for shifting into creative flow states. 

Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to find your soul expression, find the deeper meaning of your life, connect with nature, and dance with the unknown.

Each session will be inspired by one of nature’s animal spirits from the coyote howling to the hummingbird in flight whose medicine will help you be wilder and freer in your creative expression.

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08/03/2024 5:00:00 PM

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What People Are Saying About Christine Stevens...

“The power of [Christine’s] work is reflected in the brightness of her spirit.”

Christine Stevens’ work is truly brilliant. I love how she teaches drumming rhythms. The power of her work is reflected in the brightness of her spirit.

Sandra Ingerman

Author of 12 books, including The Book of Ceremony

EDIT 1577
“[Christine] is an instrument of global peace on the planet.”

Christine's work is anointed with the kiss of heaven’s inspiration, celebration, and joy. She is an instrument of global peace on the planet.

Michael B. Beckwith

Author of Spiritual Liberation and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

EDIT 1578
“Christine Stevens is a magical sage of sound healing.”

Christine Stevens is a magical sage of sound healing. She is a bridger of worlds with a deep sense of what matters most. She brings healing home for the soul.

Dr. Sue Morter

Founder of the Morter Institute for BioEnergetics and author of The Energy Codes

EDIT 1579
“Christine guides groups to the secret world of the rhythmic arts.”

Christine guides groups to the secret world of the rhythmic arts.

Mickey Hart

Grammy award-winning drummer for the Grateful Dead and author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic

EDIT 5037
“Christine can show you how music and drumming can become part of your daily routine for spirituality and health.”

Christine can show you how music and drumming can become part of your daily routine for spirituality and health.

Joan Borysenko, PhD

Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

EDIT 5039

About Christine Stevens

Author and music therapist Christine Stevens was adopted into a Native American family after spending more than a decade singing Lakota prayer songs, undertaking Hanbleceya (“Crying for a Vision,” one of the seven Lakota Sacred Rites), and becoming a pipe carrier for Women’s Way Long Dance, founded by Connor Sauer. With the permission of her elders and respect for the Red Road ways of music medicine, she has played the Native American-style flute for more than 25 years, as well as percussion for sound healing, honoring Nature in sacred sites, from a Sedona vortex to the Grand Tetons.

Christine is the author of The Nature Sutras, Music Medicine, and The Healing Drum Kit, and the founder of UpBeat Drum Circles, which brings drumming and sound healing to organizations and events dedicated to uplifting humanity. As an advocate of music and wellness, her media appearances include NBC, PBS, Discovery Health, and Living Better TV.

Christine, who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, survivors of disasters, and refugee women, serves as a Musical Ambassador of Peace. She led the first drum circle training for peace in northern Iraq and toured Japan with a music medicine approach to the Native American-style flute. 

The host of Global Rhythm Sangha Online, she teaches a variety of online training programs, including Awaken Your Rhythm, which has served hundreds of people from over 35 countries. Most recently, her pilot study, the Global Tele-Music Therapy program, published in Music and Medicine, helped reduce pain, discomfort, and stress with enduring effects during COVID-19.

Christine’s commitment to love, beauty, and harmony, and the reciprocity of offering music to Nature continues to guide her sound-healing practice and courses with The Shift Network.