With Author, Flutist/Drummer, and Music Therapist
Christine Stevens

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training


Learn the depth and breadth of improvisational flute playing technically and soulfully to rediscover playfulness and freedom, build confidence, release inhibitions, and access your soul wisdom.


Do you remember finger painting as a little kid? Or spontaneously making up songs, games, or stories you acted out with your toys?

Did you gather with your friends on hot summer nights and play softball, Red Rover, or Capture the Flag... or suddenly burst into a dance break feeling carefree, silly, and unburdened? Even if our younger lives weren’t always fun and games, it’s likely that most of us often entered the world of play.

The stress, concerns, and difficult real-world issues we have to address as adults have the tendency to make us forget the need for fun and inspiration.

So, how do we reignite a sense of play and vitality... especially now, with the weight of the unprecedented challenges our world is facing?

Enter the world of musical improvisation!

More specifically, welcome to the realm of flutist, drummer, and music therapist Christine Stevens’ improvisational Native American flute playing.

Join her on a 7-step journey into the infinite possibilities hidden in the wisdom of this ancient instrument used for millennia to move stuck emotions and to feel uplifted, relaxed, liberated, and connected. As you’ll discover, playing the flute on the fly is a joyous vehicle for self-expression.

Whether you’re new to the Native American flute or you’ve been playing for a while, focusing on improvisation will help you enter a powerful flow state... enabling you to respond more spontaneously to emotional cues as you feel called to in each moment. You’ll find yourself playing more freely and naturally, expressing who you truly are and what you feel from one moment to the next.

The Powerful Benefits of Improvisation

What if you could turn off your self-judgment and inner criticism and just sit down with an instrument and start playing joyously, exuberantly, and without inhibition every note perfectly in the moment, allowing your soul to sing its own song?

Scientists have found that when playing music improvisationally, the medial prefrontal cortex boldly lights up... while the activity in the lateral cortex decreases dramatically. This means that the area of the brain that self-monitors for the accuracy and appropriateness of your output is shut off, allowing you to unleash uninhibited self-expression.

Playing by improvisation will liberate your imagination you’ll discover the harmony that’s been locked away within you. It will help you peel away layers of self-limitation and uncover your personal story.

The truth is that when we express ourselves freely and creatively, there are no mistakes and no wrong notes just discoveries that make us more awake, inventive, and resilient in taking on the unknown and unexpected.

In this eagerly awaited course, you’ll not only transform the way you play the flute… you’ll transform the way you live and feel in the world. (And if you’ve never played the flute before, you’ll discover joyous, fun, and accessible ways to start playing!)

In practicing the flute, along with deep meditation processes, you’ll diminish your self-consciousness and be able to move with ease into a state of creativity. As in life, you’ll learn the structure, the rules... and fly from there. One major aspect of flute improvisation is that you don’t need to know where you’re going from one phrase to the next. And, embodying that concept will help you develop more presence in the here and now in all aspects of your life.

You’ll become more confident and spontaneous, understanding the enormous breadth of possibilities contained in your flute and your life! It’s a path toward self-compassion, awakening, self-discovery, vulnerability, and connection. You’ll learn to use the flute as a healing tool for yourself. And you’ll develop the heart and the skills you need to offer profound relaxation and peace of mind to others in need.

Playing extemporaneously is a deeply cathartic approach to healing and self-expression. And it’s your birthright. Whether or not you believe you do it well is not the point. It’s about changing your heart and brain, and awakening to the uncharted songlines in your soul.

You’re sure to walk away from the seven modules with lifelong tools for liberation, healing, playfulness, and joy.

The Elements of Improvisational Flute Playing

Improvisation is the difference between knowing 10 songs, and being able to play an infinite number of songs anytime you pick up the flute because they come from inside you.

When you register for this program, you’ll immediately receive a collection of video tutorials from Christine, demonstrating foundational and supplemental techniques of playing the Native American flute including scales, embouchure, ways of blowing into the flute, how to hold your fingers on the flute, embellishing the notes, and a flute blessing practice to help you let go... so you can turn off the anxious, self-critical mind and connect to Spirit.

Throughout the course, Christine will provide creative prompts themes, skills, and spiritual practices from which your heart songs can freely emerge. You’ll learn the scale and rhythms of the blues. You’ll have an immersive embodiment session to help you practice playing your emotions even your shadow side, which you might not normally be willing to see.

An extra special aspect of this journey is the cards Christine and her team have created, like tarot or other divination cards, for you to print out and enjoy. There are LOVE cards, designed to provide creativity and ideas for your playing. And there are PLAY cards, designed for you to practice your techniques. Christine calls them Practical Oracle Cards Flute-Play-Love!

And, in some sessions, Christine will have a pitband in her studio... to create the backtracks for your improvisation.

Also, Christine has invited a very special guest teacher, Mary Youngblood who is half Seminole and half Aleut to lead one of the sessions. Known as the First Lady of the Native American Flute, Mary is a two-time Grammy winner for Best Native American Music Album, and the first woman to record solo Native American flute with Silver Wave Records. For over 14 years, Mary has done a great deal of work in teaching prison inmates to play the flute.


In this new 7-part course with Christine, you’ll:

  • Learn tools and techniques to play improvisational music and access your soul’s wisdom
  • Develop the ability to shut down self-criticism so you can freely express yourself by playing improvisationally
  • Discover the neuroscience behind developing the brain pattern of enlightenment through improvisation
  • Play with the unabashed freedom of “riffing” and creating your own compositions
  • Experience the guest teachings of Mary Youngblood, known as the First Lady of the Native American Flute, as she shows you the key of using rhythmic pulse to create songs
  • Learn simple ways to free up your playing by giving structure to your improv
  • Practice various styles of improvisational flute playing from rhythmic to meditative; from mantras to songs
  • Play along with backing tracks that contain a variety of instruments, such as the drum, guitar, and more
  • Begin to speak your feelings through song with a wide array of enhancing embellishments
  • Experience and embody the blues through melody and beat
  • Practice soul-informed playing, by slowing down and waiting for the next notes to arise from within
  • Understand how to match the key of your flute with different chords and instruments

Honoring Christine’s Flute Teachers

Your participation in this new sound-healing program will also help Oceti Wakan, a nonprofit organization based on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Christine and The Shift Network will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from this course to support this organization.

Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Life Skills curriculum (second through eighth grades) so that Lakota children can make healthier choices and have a strong Lakota identity
  • Prevention curriculum for alcohol/drug abuse/suicide based on Lakota culture
  • Lakota language and cultural materials to get children speaking Lakota to each other
  • Building a larger Wellness Center to better serve more children, youth, and parents’ programs

Windwalker, Mary Youngblood, Manny Eagle Elk, Councilpipe Sandoval, Guillermo Martinez, Martin Espino, Peter Catches


What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Christine will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to release self-criticism, access the playfulness of your soul, and offer healing to yourself and others through improvisational flute playing.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Christine. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to rediscover playfulness and freedom, build confidence, release inhibitions, and help heal yourself and others.

Module 1: Heal Your Inner Critic Through Flute Improvisation (March 23)


We are all artists. And the flute is a tool for accessing your soul’s deepest expression.

In this opening session, Christine will share how you can carry the Native American flute as an ally in challenging times and as a tool of expression beyond words.

Although it may be scary to trust the unknown The Mystery as Christine will explain, “jamming” is actually your birthright!

Often, we’re so hard on ourselves, and expect perfection instead of practice and play. Christine will share how improvisation changes your brain switching off the critical, judgmental, and self-monitoring areas... while igniting the medial prefrontal cortex, the seat of self-expression and being in the moment.

In this first module, you’ll:

  • Experience jamming within the ABA a symmetrical structure in music that represents musical ideas
  • Discover how structure actually provides flexibility
  • Play with call and response to develop your musical ear
  • Learn to play dancing scales with your unique expression
  • Explore a sound-healing practice to release your inner critic

Module 2: Enjoy Musical Freedom Through Rhythmic Structure (March 30)


In this class, Christine welcomes featured guest instructor Mary Youngblood, First Lady of the Native American flute.

Having worked for over 14 years with inmates in California prisons, two-time Grammy-winning flute artist Mary has helped players of every experience level learn to improvise.

For over a decade, she has introduced playing the flute to complete beginners.

With Mary and Christine as your guides, you’ll discover, through improvisation, how the unique polarity of structure leads to freedom in both melody and rhythm.

As you’ll discover, improvisation describes all aspects of sacred playing meditation, prayer, sound healing, and song creation.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the beat of a drum as a springboard to jamming
  • Simple ways to give structure to your improv
  • How to improvise with a 2-chord progression that fits the flute scale
  • Mary’s signature embellishments in call and response
  • Mary’s inspiring stories of healing broken souls through playing the flute

Module 3: Cultivate Playfulness & Healing Improvisation in the Key of Joy (April 6)


When you embrace curiosity and adventure, the gift of transformation often emerges without effort.

During this session, you’ll experience firsthand why we say we “play” music.

As Christine will share, synergy lies at the intersection of playfulness and healing. You’ll see how your allies of curiosity and wonder emerge in the enjoyment of simply making music.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience a cathartic improvisation playing all the mistakes you’re afraid of making, and turning it into song
  • Play with dialogues finishing a sentence, asking a question, turning off words, and communicating with song
  • Learn to listen for endings of phrases that punctuate and complete a sonic story
  • Explore various styles of improvisational flute playing in a (virtual) jam session

Module 4: Journey With the Roots of Rhythm Shamanic Improvisation (April 13)


As a child, you may have climbed trees or found solitude hanging out on a favorite branch...

In this class, Christine will share how the flute represents the branches, while the drum represents the roots.

The flute uplifts honoring a birdsong, while the drum grounds you in an earthy heartbeat.

Christine will guide you to access a union with nature, journeying with the roots of rhythm.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Play along with a shamanic drumbeat on a medicine drum
  • Learn to ask a question to the universe on your flute
  • Practice wild embellishments of barking, howling, and chirping
  • Learn a specific flute phrase to ground the end of your improvised compositions

Module 5: Flute Prayer Stay in the Present to Improvise With the Motion of Your Emotions (April 20)


True musical emotional expression must be captured in the now moment, through improvisation. As Christine says, there’s no other way.

Dancers know this, and as you’ll discover, you can use their movements to inspire your songs.

As Christine will share, a flute melody can be said to “dance.” The ascending and descending phrases are what “move” us.

And when you embody the experience of playing the flute through improvisation the music will dance you into the present.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Improvise with ascending and descending notes connecting to both upward and inward emotions
  • Learn to use a song as a liftoff point for improvisation
  • Tap into new styles of playing your flute within the ABA musical structure
  • Learn to add embellishments to speak feelings through song

Module 6: Transform Challenge Into Song Playing the Blues (April 27)


The hook is a repeated phrase a lyric that speaks the soul’s longing.

During this class, Christine will explain how there’s a pulsing rhythm that underscores hundreds of years of expression in the art form known as the blues.

When you learn just one magical note, “the blues scale,” you’ll be able to jam with the groove.... turning pain, struggles, and sadness into song.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Play with the 12-bar blues a progression that creates a sacred geometry of expression
  • Embody the blues scale through call-and-response jamming
  • Learn the art of bending notes to make them cry
  • Experience the melody of the blues scale and the rhythm of the blues beat

Module 7: Enhance Your Improv Toolkit Hooks, Embellishments & Progressions (May 4)


In this final module, you’ll celebrate with Christine and your new global community, as you reflect on your journey...

Christine will explain how to move from open-ended jamming to playing structured songs.

She’ll share how to remember a song or phrase and how to memorize music without it being written down.

You’ll also discover how the energy of another person informs your flute playing for the purpose of healing.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to play a “hook” using your favorite embellishment
  • Practice soul-informed playing slowing down and waiting for the next notes to arise from within
  • Experience Christine’s favorite progression for flute jamming a 2-chord formula of success
  • Learn to play a healing improv for someone you love, and a prayer
  • Explore how to match the key of your flute with different chords and instruments

The Awakening Through Sound Bonus Collection

In addition to Christine’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses to complement the program and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Flute, Play, Love: Improvisational Oracle Practice Cards
PDF With 32 Printable Oracle Cards From Christine Stevens

Some people find it challenging to practice on a regular basis. It’s easy to fall into a rut, playing the same notes and style over and over again. Sound familiar? That’s why Christine and her team created this deck of 32 printable cards similar to angel cards and tarot cards. They’re designed to activate your wildly creative, fun, and expanded flute playing. Pick a card and reveal the playing prompt you need most. The deck includes 16 cards in each of these two categories:

  • PLAY To inspire you to practice technical skills, such as notes, scales, and embellishments
  • LOVE To help you express emotions and foster healing through improvisation

Because each of us is unique, Christine and her team have also included blank cards in each category, so you can add your own ideas as you continue your own personal flute journey.


The Great Play-Along Flute Improv Package
5-Part Audio Compilation From Christine Stevens

Enjoy these newly created play-along tracks from Christine and Paul John Dear (founder of Rhythmbridge)... designed to support your improvisational creativity. By playing along with these tracks, you’ll discover new styles from shamanic playing to the blues.

You’ll receive:

  • Prayer Song Shamanic Drum Track John drums in the style of the Celtic tradition of Ireland
  • Prayer Song with Flute  Christine plays the Double Nova flute in the key of G... and treats you to a spoken prayer in Lakota, with a shamanic drum track in the background
  • 12-Bar Blues Key of A 440  This is a grooving track featuring guitar and drums
  • Play Your Heart Out: Guitar Jam Track in Key of A 440  This is a 2-chord progression to support your emotional expression
  • Your Wild Nature Improv Track In this track, ambient percussion meets djembe grooves

The Art of Flute Improvisation
PDF Guidebook From Christine Stevens

This short guidebook includes fingering charts for the four different scales that are most recommended for improvisation.

It offers you:

  • Six styles of improvisational flute playing
  • Embellishments creating bird sounds to decorate your melodies with trills, chirps, and flutters
  • Inspirational quotes to honor the Native American culture with your own sound
  • Blank flute tablature for your own compositions
  • Tips for practicing and building self-confidence

What Graduates of Christine’s Courses Are Saying...


Julie Lusk: “Christine Really Poured Her Heart and Soul Out Into All of Us”

Sara Benveniste: “I Love Christine’s Passion and Enthusiasm”

“I have never been as impressed by a course as this one.”

I have never been as impressed by a course as this one. Christine is a personal and skilled facilitator who touches the soul. Beyond that, supplemental materials are so complete, well-organized and accessible, I can’t say enough about them.
Barbara, Alton, New Hampshire

“Her ability to provide rich content while keeping it easy to understand made this a truly joyful adventure!”

I have just completed the second Native American flute course offering by Christine Stevens, and both were outstanding! This course provided incredible value. Christine and her team were extremely accessible to students, and I felt that they were always available to meet my needs (along with countless others). Her ability to provide rich content while keeping it easy to understand made this a truly joyful adventure! There are no wrong notes what a blissful thought! And clearly Christine has a very talented network: our guest speakers and performers were perfect! I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with my (two and counting!) flutes. Thank you all for your care and commitment! Brightest blessings!
Jean Ivanuska, Atlanta, Georgia

“Christine Stevens is a gifted flute player, teacher, facilitator, and human being!”

I play recorder flutes and with these courses I bought my first Native American flute. I love it! The good modeling techniques and the sacred intentions to play in community brought a perfect combination! It was wonderful to play with people from different countries. I love all the guest teachers that Christine invited and the awareness to honor their lineage and their culture. I learnt a lot and I began to play more flute for my family and I am planning to include more flute in my HealthRhythms and drumming sessions. Christine Stevens is a gifted flute player, teacher, facilitator, and human being! She creates beautiful communities wherever she goes!!
Liliana Ferrer, Argentina

“This was the perfect gift to myself to ease the stress of these difficult times.”

This was the perfect gift to myself to ease the stress of these difficult times. Using the breath, connecting to nature through a wooden flute, the sound helps to soothe my soul and calm my emotions during turbulent times. Thank you, Christine Stevens, for all you offer!
Jayna, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Another awesome course with Christine Stevens!”

Another awesome course with Christine Stevens! Learned so much. She is patient and willing to give the extra mile. Brings in so many different aspects to help you learn and experience  truly is an outstanding teacher, and this course was an excellent example of her teaching ability and also the joy and energy she imparts that becomes contagious and carries on long after the class is over.
Denise Flinchbaugh, Elizabeth, Colorado

“I am gaining confidence and feeling more comfortable playing in front of others...”

This is the third course that I’ve done with Christine Stevens on drumming and Native American flute playing. I have loved every moment and every note of them all, and I now feel confident playing the Native American flute, which has been a blessing and a gift. I am gaining confidence and feeling more comfortable playing in front of others and recording myself occasionally. I use the flute as my daily meditation practice and I can’t imagine living without this now. Deep gratitude to Christine and her team and to The Shift Network for offering such a healing and heartfelt course that is very much needed during these times.
Jules Gundlach, Blue Mountains, Australia

“At the end of each class series I always feel sad it’s over.”

It was like a miracle when Christine Stevens’ first flute course showed up on The Shift Network. I had discovered High Spirits flutes for sale at an artisan market… I thought how much I’d love to learn how to play and decided to take a leap of faith and buy one. Then COVID hit and my flute sat idly by, except for the occasional attempts to play along with the DVD… then the miracle happened and there were the lessons and the support I needed to really start to learn how to make music… the next course continued to help me be inspired and discover even more improvement from practice, wonderful encouragement, and weekly support. At the end of each class series I always feel sad it’s over. Looking forward to another flute course with Christine.
Diane, Ottawa, Canada

“After two courses, Christine continues to be my Earth Angel...”

I purchased a North American flute in February 2020 with hopes of increasing my lung capacity due to COPD. After the COVID-19 outbreak in March, I forgot about my flute. Fortunately, I heard about The Shift Network offering a North American flute online course by Christine Stevens in August! After two courses, Christine continues to be my Earth Angel by inspiring me to play songs from my heart! In addition, the opportunity to practice with participants from 45+ countries was awesome! Thank you, Christine! Your sound therapy has lifted my spirits to be able to cope with COVID-19! The Cherokee Morning Song still gives me goosebumps! Sending hugs, love, and prayers aways!
Robyn, Swedesboro, New Jersey

“Christine is a very kind soul who's positive energy emanates into us all.”

Christine is a very kind soul whose positive energy radiates to us all. Her scope and depth of playing the flute is amazing. I applaud her drive and heart of her life experiences that have cultivated such a profoundly beautiful style and color.
Greg Izzi, Riva, Maryland

“This course has brought much joy to my life.”

This course has brought much joy to my life. The discovery of playing from my heart with no music and blessing others with it has been a beautiful gift. I started a small group for the kids next door. It has been a delight to see them learn and grow. One of the boys is a foster-child and he is so proud of himself playing the flute. In a psych evaluation the therapist asked him what he liked to do for fun. He said “play the flute to the bugs and the birds.” His foster-mom believes the flute is healing his soul. I feel so blessed to share my love for music and this instrument. And of course it helps me learn too.
Judie Childress, Arroyo Grande, California


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions With Christine Stevens

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from author, teacher, drummer, flutist, and music therapist Christine Stevens from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills to learn the depth and breadth of improvisational flute playing and rediscover playfulness and freedom, build confidence, and help heal yourself and others.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Awakening Through Sound Bonus Collection
  • Flute, Play, Love: Improvisational Oracle Practice Cards
    PDF With 32 Printable Oracle Cards From Christine Stevens
  • The Great Play-Along Flute Improv Package
    5-Part Audio Compilation From Christine Stevens
  • The Art of Flute Improvisation
    PDF Guidebook From Christine Stevens

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Awakening Through Sound Online Training


We feel honored that Christine Stevens has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an author, speaker, drummer, flutist, and music therapist whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about learning the depth and breadth of improvisational flute playing to rediscover playfulness and freedom, build confidence, release inhibitions, and help heal yourself and others, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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More Praise for Christine Stevens

“Christine guides groups to the secret world of the rhythmic arts.”

Mickey Hart, Grammy award-winning drummer for the Grateful Dead, and author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic

“Christine Stevens can introduce you to the magic, fun, and healing power of drumming. I recommend it.”

Dr. Andrew Weil, author of Healthy Aging

“Christine can show you how music and drumming can become part of your daily routine for spirituality and health.”

Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

“The power of her work is reflected in the brightness of her spirit.”

Christine Stevens’ work is truly brilliant. I love how she teaches drumming rhythms. The power of her work is reflected in the brightness of her spirit.
Sandra Ingerman, author of 12 books, including The Book of Ceremony

“Christine Stevens is a magical sage of sound healing.”

Christine Stevens is a magical sage of sound healing. She is a “bridger of worlds” with a deep sense of what matters most. She brings healing home for the soul.
Dr. Sue Morter, founder of the Morter Institute for BioEnergetics and author of The Energy Codes

“She is an instrument of global peace on the planet.”

Christine’s work is anointed with the kiss of heaven’s inspiration, celebration, and joy. She is an instrument of global peace on the planet.
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberationand founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

“With deep wisdom and connection, Christine Stevens is a master of the heart and healing rhythm.”

Master Mingtong Gu, Qigong master, speaker, healer, and founder of The Chi Center


About Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, drummer, and music therapist. Holding master’s degrees in both social work and music therapy, Christine inspires people all over the world with her message that music promotes holistic health, spirituality, and wellness. Christine taught her Shift Network courses, Awaken Your Rhythm and Awaken Your Healing Rhythm, to over 1,000 students from 36 countries last year.

Christine is the author of Music Medicine, The Healing Drum Kit, and The Art and Heart of Drum Circles book and DVD. She’s recorded three play-along albums: Reviving Rhythms, Drumming Up Spirit, and Drumming Up Diva. A leader in the music and wellness movement, Christine also serves on the editorial board of Explore: A Journal of Science and Healing.

Christine is the founder of UpBeat Drum Circles, offering training programs and online courses around the world. She’s trained facilitators and led workshops in more than 20 countries, including Iraq, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, and Western Europe. Through Remo, the world’s largest drum company, Chrsitine co-created the HealthRHYTHMS evidence-based group drumming protocol, used in schools, medical centers, and veterans hospitals worldwide.

Christine’s work in Iraq was featured in the book and DVD Discover the Gift. Televised media credits include PBS, NBC, KABC-Los Angeles, KTLA Los Angeles, Tournament of Roses Parade, London Tonight, Living Better TV, Discovery Health, and Hong Kong News. As a contributing writer, Christine’s work has been featured in Fitness magazine, Spirituality & Health, Body & Soul, Fast Company, First for Women magazine, The Oriental News, The Christian Science Monitor, US News & World Report, Yogi Times, and Natural Beauty and Health.


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