With His Holiness
The 12th Chamgon Kenting
Tai Situpa

A 5-Module On-Demand Video Training

Explore Buddhist principles to meet your suffering with greater skill so you can enter a higher level of consciousness and become a source of light, joy, and service in the world.


Imagine being raised in a monastery in Tibet.

Then consider what it might be like to lose your country at age five, and move to India to be brought up by senior lamas. For many, this would seem quite an extraordinary launch into the world.

This was the early experience of His Holiness the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa one of the most globally respected Tibetan Rinpoches (which translates as Precious One) who’s spent his life studying and teaching dharma.

Dharma encompasses the basic principles of individual or cosmic existence. It’s divine law. It’s your duty to bring your unique purpose into the world.

The study of Buddhist principles and dharma can help us handle suffering more skillfully… and we’re deeply fortunate to have His Holiness take us on a 5-step journey designed to help navigate suffering... so you can experience joy, grace, and a light heart as you walk through this life.

He’ll offer wise and loving reflections on how you can elevate your consciousness, even when faced with trying circumstances. And he’ll lead you through meditative contemplations in each of the five sessions.

He’ll guide you in the practice of centering your awareness on your higher nature to help you fortify yourself so you’re better equipped to weather outer storms… and emanate peace, love, and joy.

This shift in awareness, what His Holiness calls “supreme consciousness,” is not just for your own benefit it offers an uplifting path of hope and possibility, benefiting everyone you serve...

… because, as you learn to reside in your own state of inner harmony, you’re able to radiate goodness wherever you go.

Please note: You’ll connect with His Holiness and experience his teachings through every session.

Profound Wisdom on Alleviating Suffering

The first Noble Truth of Buddhist philosophy is that there is suffering. This doesn’t have to throw us into despair… we all know that everyone experiences pain and sadness at some point in a lifetime.

His Holiness will begin this course exploring the nature of suffering and how you can navigate it more skillfully and productively.

The first challenge to address is your identification with the “I” or the Self. When you understand that the Self is an illusion meaning that none of us is separate from anyone else because we’re all part of one continuous whole you can begin to enjoy happiness and share it with others.

You’ll discover what generally throws you off center greed and fear and how you can always come back by remembering that we’re all sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers to all sentient beings everywhere. We are limitless. And when you grasp that, your greed and fear recede and you can rest in what His Holiness calls “your innate supreme essence.”

He’ll teach you that every living being is perfect.

In His Holiness’ course, you’ll discover that being of service to others with a light heart with no expectation of receiving anything in return gives your life meaning and purpose beyond your own wants and needs.

You’ll learn what it means to have humility and grace on your path to awakening.

And you’ll explore what death is and what it’s not, along with the concept of immortality.


In this video program, replete with timely teachings and practices taught by His Holiness, you’ll:

  • Learn how to hold your own suffering more lightly so you’re less identified with it
  • Receive a profound prayer to say when you’re suffering
  • Understand how to find joy from within, rather than looking for it outside yourself
  • Begin to allow your principles, integrity, love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom to permeate your life
  • Discover how to find your life purpose and meaning in serving others with a light heart
  • Come to the realization that you can positively impact someone’s life with just one small gesture
  • Experience your potential to have humility and grace as you walk your path to awakening
  • Deeply understand that every being is immortal in mind, spirit, and essence
  • Receive deep insights into the nature of dense emotions like fear, anger, and greed, and how to rise above them
  • Be guided in meditative contemplations in every session to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings
  • And more...

No matter your circumstances, the path away from suffering is available in times of distress. You can experience the freedom that goes beyond our global health crisis, economic and political uncertainty, and continued racial injustice.

His Holiness is not only a revered teacher, scholar, and guide of Tibetan Buddhist practices, he emanates a playful, humble warmth that endears him to those who come to him for assistance.

What You’ll Discover in These 5 Modules

In this 5-part transformational intensive, His Holiness will guide you through the steps to more skillfully handle your suffering.

Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to practice meeting your suffering more skillfully and finding joy within.

Module 1: Treating Your Own Suffering With Wisdom (October 20)


No one likes to suffer, and most of us don’t deal with suffering in a healthy way. However, when you understand what suffering is, you can handle it more productively and gracefully.

According to Buddhist wisdom, suffering comes from a basic understanding and perception of ourselves as “I” meaning the separate Self. When you react to suffering with wisdom understanding that the Self is an illusion you can begin to experience happiness, and share your happiness with others.

And, when you start to realize that your suffering is nothing compared to the suffering of the seven billion people on our planet you’ll naturally start to perceive your own pain as insignificant.

During this opening session, you’ll

  • Tackle your source of suffering the Self
  • Discover how the Self is an illusion… and, therefore suffering is an illusion
  • Begin to learn how to approach your suffering so it doesn’t destroy you or make you bitter
  • Be guided in a meditative contemplation to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings

Module 2: Recentering Your Awareness in the Innate Supreme Essence (October 27)


Buddhist wisdom tells us that our shortcomings are the result of being off center. What throws us off center is the greed and fear that come with the illusion of the Self. And the depth of our fear equals the power of our greed. The more we own, the greater our stress.

Believing that you’re separate from everyone and everything else promotes a great deal of fear. You’re able to recenter yourself when you understand that you are the sister, brother, mother, and father to all sentient beings. When you understand that we are all One, that you are not separate from any other being, your fear diminishes.

Your innate supreme essence has no limitation. It takes a lot of contemplation to intellectually understand (and then experience) this concept, but when you do, you have nothing left to fear.

In this module, you’ll:

  • See how you can detach from greed, fear, and stress and recenter by understanding that the Self is an illusion
  • Realize that because the body is born, it will die… and that the mind is never born, so it will never die
  • Begin to grasp that every being is immortal mind, spirit, and essence
  • Learn that we are not reborn… and that, like the sun, our cycle of rising and setting continues
  • Be guided in a meditative contemplation to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings

Module 3: Extending Joy Into Each Corner of Your Life (November 10)


If you want to find joy, you have to stop looking for it outside yourself. You can only find it within… by being happy with yourself, exactly where you are. How do you do this?

According to the Buddha, every living being is perfect. When you understand that your essence that everyone’s essence is perfect, you develop the capacity to find joy even in the unfortunate and painful aspects of your life.

The imperfections you perceive are not part of your essence… instead, they’re only your shortcomings, habits, misunderstandings, and misperceptions.

In this module, His Holiness will share with you:

  • How to find joy from within, rather than looking for it outside yourself
  • The importance of letting your principles, integrity, love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom permeate your life
  • A prayer for when you’re suffering
  • That suffering can become a vehicle for relating, in a personal way, to everyone who’s suffering
  • A meditation process to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings

Module 4: Serving Others With a Light Heart & Noble Purpose (November 17)


When we ask, “What’s the purpose of life?”, Buddhist wisdom tells us that it’s to have joy. The belief is that, to be truly joyous, you must be helpful and of benefit to others.

To have noble purpose means that your life has meaning beyond the fulfillment of your own needs and desires. Your knowledge, strength, and abilities are used to create meaning not only for yourself, but for everyone.

Serving others so you can be rewarded or appreciated is to serve with a heavy heart. Assisting others with a light heart means you do it without expectation of anything in return. So when you serve,  you don’t feel compromised or burdened.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • That you can find your life purpose in serving others with a light heart
  • How you can have a meaningful, happy life by making the lives of all beings more meaningful and happy
  • That doing for others is the greatest honor
  • How you can save someone’s life with just one small gesture a noble achievement, according to Buddhist thought
  • A meditative contemplation to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings

Module 5: Humility & Grace on the Path of Awakening (November 24)


You’ve likely heard the expression, “The higher you fly, the harder you’ll fall.” When we boast about our achievements and abilities, we lose our grace.

During this final session, you’ll discover why humility IS grace. Remaining calm, even when something terrible is happening, is grace. And no matter what happens, you should never lose your grace because it’s your path to absolute awakening.

His Holiness will also share with you how noble it is to perceive and believe in the path to awakening. In this constantly changing world, it’s important to constantly evolve. You need to do your part to create a “new normal,” changing the trajectory of our planet from ignorance to wisdom, stealing to giving, and killing to saving.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How to be humble about what you’re able to do
  • Why if you don’t progress on your path to awakening, you can become arrogant or self-centered
  • How when you’re succeeding along your path to awakening, your humility and grace will manifest in concrete ways
  • That you can shift into higher awareness and wisdom with sincerity and purity
  • A meditative contemplation to gain an experiential understanding of the teachings

The Inner Harmony & Joy Bonus Collection

In addition to His Holiness’ transformative 5-step virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Tibetan Buddhist Dohas
Set of 3 Video Poems From H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

These poems, written by His Holiness, are dohas… sacred poems of profound wisdom about the path toward ultimate liberation. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, gurus compose dohas considered to be sacred essays and meditation instructions with melodies for disciples to easily remember and contemplate. With these recordings, you’ll experience three songs chosen by His Holiness specifically for this course.

Active Peace: One World, One Humanity

Passive peace is good at an individual level. It’s the practice of sitting still and training the mind to experience inner peace, regardless of outside surroundings. In truth, we’ll never know a time when everything becomes peaceful forever. Active peace is something we have to work for, constantly maintain, and upgrade... generation after generation, according to the time, place, and people. In this sacred poem, His Holiness expresses his vision for active peace. What we aspire to today, and what we dream of, can become reality if we work toward it wholeheartedly, with wisdom and perseverance. This video also contains footage of His Holiness’ Pilgrimage for Active Peace in 1989… and highlights of his continued work today.

Fresh & Free: The Soul-Searching Journey for Liberation

Throughout our lives, most of us feel discouraged at times by the hardships we face. We’re raised to brace ourselves against pain. In the journey of ascension, we explore and come to realize that the capacity for rejuvenation and freedom is always within us and that we’re not alone in our struggles, for many share the same quest.

The Five Sister Dakinis of Sacred Mt. Everest: Prayer to Invoke the Blessing & Protection of the Goddess Energy

In Tibetan Buddhism, wisdom is the manifestation of feminine energy. This sacred poem, sung in traditional Tibetan melody, praises and prays to the protector goddesses of the environment to remove obstacles along the path.


Monastery Summer Retreat Overview
Short Video Tour From H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

In this video, you’ll be offered a glimpse of monastic life during the summer retreat, when the monks and nuns dedicate themselves to practice and to the wellbeing of all. In this beautifully produced video footage, you’ll discover a prayer and chanted mantra invoking positive benefits.


What People Are Saying About H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa…

“… I feel so much happier and developed much stronger faith in myself.”

[Ultimately Perfect by Tai Situ Rinpoche] is very easy to follow, full of humor, yet enlightening and heart-touching. I stopped so many times, contemplating, laughing, contemplating... The words are indeed coming from a precious realized being who sincerely wishes everyone to be happy. My understanding about life and how to live a meaningful life has become so much deeper, far beyond my expectation from reading a book. Since I read this book, I feel so much happier and developed much stronger faith in myself. I feel extremely fortunate to come across this book in this life. I sincerely recommend this book to everyone who is searching for the key to happiness.
Changchiu Lhamo

“… always so happy, and calm, humble... a very inspiring being!”

I was very fortunate to receive teachings from Tai Situpa… He is always so happy, and calm, humble, and explains dharma in such a profound and simple way  a very inspiring being!
Nelson C.

“Just seeing him is a teaching in itself.”

His Eminence is such a blessing. Just seeing him is a teaching in itself. I could listen to him read the phone book and feel the blessings.
Ted Faris


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Five 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions With H.H. Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche

Experience a unique opportunity learn from His Holiness the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa from the comfort of your own home. Each class session guides you to discover how to meet your suffering more skillfully so you can enter a higher level of consciousness and become a source of light, joy, and service in the world.

Five PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Inner Harmony & Joy Bonus Collection
  • Tibetan Buddhist Dohas
    Set of 3 Video Poems From H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa
  • Monastery Summer Retreat Overview
    Short Video Tour From H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

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About H.H. the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, popularly known as His Holiness Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche, is proclaimed in number of sacred texts as the incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya in Tushita, heaven-crowned as the future Buddha in 623 BC and Subsequent incarnations as Guru padmasambhava.

In 1012 AD, he was born in Tibet as Marpa the Great enlightened Translator, who introduced sacred kagyu lineage from India and continued by his disciple such as the Milarepa and Marpa’s incarnation Gampo Tsultrim Nyingpo, and in 1148 as first Tai Situ Drogon Rechen. In 1407, enlightened Chokyi Gyaltsen received the title "Kuan ting yuan thong miyu tsi guo shi.

In 1727, His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, the great popularly known as Situ Panchen, founded the Mount of Excellence, nonsectarian, multidisciplinary, Palpung Institutions and established the Palpung Monastic Seat.

300 pre-Buddhist and Buddhist monasteries and 180 monasteries of Kagyu lineage looked up to Palpung Monastic Seat and its supreme head, His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa.

The current His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa was born to a farming and nomadic dual family in the east Tibetan kingdom of Dege in 1954 and shortly after enthroned to the Palpung Monastic Seat.

In 1959, at the age of five, he was brought to safety by senior lamas of the Palpung Monastic Seat to the Kingdom of Bhutan, and then to India following His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama taking refuge.

Until 22 years of age, he grew up in Sikkim, Bhutan and West Bengal. He received ordinations from His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa and from a great number of eminent masters. He received an entirety of basic and advanced studies and transmissions.

In 1976, at age of 23, His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa established the Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat in Himachal Pradesh, India. which today is contributing towards training, educating, ordaining, and transmitting to the next generation of Buddhist Masters of present and future across and beyond denominations and ethnicity.

In 1984, His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa founded the Maitreya institute, dedicated for interfaith and interdisciplinary harmony through exchange and exposure based on love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

Concerned about disharmony among people, religion, and ideology throughout the world, as well as environmental degradation, he initiated in 1989 a pilgrimage for ACTIVE PEACE ONE WORLD ONE HUMANITY, which celebrated its silver jubilee in 2014.

His Holiness the Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa is a great scholar, philosopher, poet, artist, architect, geomancer. He authored more than 20 books in English and his compilation in the Tibetan language reaches over 200 volumes; his writing reaches over 15 volumes.

He is continuously teaching and transmitting sacred lineage of Dharma to disciples from all over the world.


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