With the Founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong
Daisy Lee

A 9-Module On-Demand Video Training

Deepen the practice of Wuji Hundun Qigong and learn to customize its timeless principles in unique, intuitive ways to unblock your body’s energy pathways, expand your range of motion, stimulate circulation, boost your immunity and wellbeing, and practice the self-care you need at any moment.


Our lives are constantly presenting us with new bridges to cross unexpected transitions filled with both challenges and possibilities.

Whether you're facing a major change in your everyday world or navigating global chaos, it's important to have some kind of daily practice that supports you in being grounded, healthy, luminous, and inspired through all of life’s twists and turns.

You can stabilize and enhance each day with a set of simple movements from an ancient wisdom system a tradition that empowers people to not only remain peaceful among the larger ebbs and flows of life, but navigate each day as its own transformative journey.

This is the illuminating power of Wuji Hundun Qigong’s 18-movement practice, which can help you find, restore, and maintain your balance in the midst of turbulence both within yourself and in the outer world.

Wuji Hundun Qigong helps you nurture an embodied way of living amidst the unknown with greater ease and resilience, and a fully engaged presence, according to renowned Qigong teacher Daisy Lee, founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong.

Daisy, a globally respected leader and teacher in the world of Qigong, has over 25 years of international training experience. Her warm and engaging approach to the ancient wisdom system of Qigong has made her an immensely popular faculty member in the many courses she’s taught and summits she’s appeared in for The Shift Network.

Join us for this advanced course, in which you’ll build trust in yourself and confidence through Wuji Hundun Qigong’s 18 movements enabling you to see yourself and the world around you with greater clarity, compassion, and vision.

Wuji Hundun Qigong is a comprehensive health system that helps you keep your body strong and supple, as you build a sense of inner balance all while increasing flexibility, circulation, and digestion, improving eyesight, boosting immunity, and much more.

And, once you’ve mastered them, you have the option to customize your own Wuji Hundun Qigong practice, choosing among the movements and adjusting their sequence to address whatever you’re navigating in any given moment.

As you delve more deeply than ever into Wuji Hundun Qigong, you’ll begin to experience its 18 movements as a living, breathing practice that can continue to shape both your inner and outer worlds for a lifetime.

“I am reminded of the joy of being...”

The sessions with Daisy have been extraordinary... her explanations about the movements, their functions, and the interplay of energy, mind, emotions, and body are many. Her voice has a full, warm resonance that sounds like music and helps me feel the flow. I am reminded of the joy of being... the wonderful miracle of existence.
Leinani Springer, opera singer, Kauai, Hawaii


During this transformative 9-module journey, you’ll:

  • Refine, nurture, and further embody the Wuji Hundun Qigong practices you’ve only just begun to explore
  • Strengthen and condition your body, mind, and spirit with deepening techniques to build greater resiliency in weathering life’s inevitable chaos
  • Discern how to use the Wuji Hundun Qigong system to resolve some of the tensions that take hold when you’re faced with challenge or adversity
  • Begin to trust your own body’s natural rhythm as you practice making adjustments to suit exactly where you are in the moment
  • Build stronger “roots and stems” so the fruit of your practice can be fully realized
  • Develop greater ease in making healthier choices in food, relationships, and other real-life aspects that impact your deepest health and healing
  • Develop physical strength and increased flexibility
  • Grow more resilient, courageous, and compassionate when you encounter chaos
  • Learn how facing challenge and adversity with both thoughtfulness and care helps you grow and deepen your spirit an elusive part of Qigong that goes beyond the physical
  • Discover sovereignty over your own health and become more self-caring and independent
  • Evolve from copying the form to being the form as you introduce and play with deep attunement to all your senses

You’ll experience how Wuji Hundun Qigong supports the release and clearing of old energetic patterns as you draw out the innate healing potential in your own body.

Daisy will review each of Wuji Hundun Qigong’s 18 movements with you breaking them down so you can deepen your experience of each as you practice in class.

You’ll learn to flow easily from one movement to the next in whatever sequence suits your needs. New layers will be revealed along your Wuji Hundun Qigong journey including new neural pathways that can become activated through regular practice.

Daisy will guide you to explore your body’s unique messaging system and learn from its early subtle signals to get your attention as louder, more insistent signals may come in when you’re distracted and ignoring your true needs.

Join Daisy and explore Wuji Hundun Qigong, building new levels of self-awareness and trust in your body’s feedback so you can reorder and customize these 18 movements into your own unique and powerful healing practice. You’ll bring your physical, mental, and emotional health into alignment with your internal compass, to help you access your full potential.

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-part transformational intensive, Daisy will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to confidently create your own personalized Wuji Hundun Qigong practice for optimal wellbeing.


This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Daisy. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to confidently create your own personalized Wuji Hundun Qigong practice for optimal wellbeing.

Module 1: The Deeper You Go, the More You Grow in Grace & Flow


As your 9-module journey begins, Daisy will share the philosophy of flow using three foundational movements from Wuji Hundun Qigong.

You’ll learn to build self-trust and confidence in your body’s feedback through breathing and pausing, motion and stillness and listening and observing both internally and externally.

You’ll be able to recognize old energetic patterns, releasing them gently as you grow new levels of self-awareness through the practice of Wuji Hundun Qigong.

In this opening module, you’ll:

  • Learn skillful listening and observation to tune in to your body’s innate wisdom
  • Discover how to modulate your breathing to manage chaotic frequencies
  • Learn to do a daily scan of your body
  • Support peace and balance using a silent meditation
  • Learn how to extract multiple layers of healing from a single movement
  • Develop presence and patience through deep listening

Module 2: Where the Breath Goes, the Mind Follows Exploring Wuji Hundun Qigong’s Breathing Cues for a Clear, Decisive Mind


There’s an oft-quoted expression in Qigong: Yi Dao, Qi Dao or simply, “Where the mind goes, the Qi follows.” 

As Daisy will explain, if your breath isn’t in the right place, your mind will lack clarity and decisiveness making it much more difficult to effectively direct your Qi.

Everything starts with the breath, so learning to harness it and train in breathwork enhances the power of Wuji Hundun Qigong.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to modify the breath during times of stress and times of rest, as directing the breath directs the Qi
  • Build breath synchronization with the Wuji Hundun Qigong movements to create inner peace in your body, and outer elegance in the form
  • Learn the Wong Ar Hong Meditation to direct Qi into the three dantiens of the body for enhanced health
  • Discover the importance of the lower dantien in grounding, and the power of the breath in uplifting energy

Module 3: Building Strength, Balance, Stability & Focus With the “Ride the Wuji Wind Horse Meditation


There are many distractions in a day. How can you continue returning to your practice as your default to establish currency in what you’ve learned?

As Daisy will share, building focus through breathwork and gentle strength training supports grounded presence, even in the midst of chaos.

Daisy will guide you to merge with the nurturing Yin Earth Qi and the Yang Heavenly Qi as you learn to Ride the Wuji Wind Horse an extended meditation to build postural strength, balance, and stability that can transfer to other parts of our lives in meaningful ways.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A standing (or sitting) Wuji meditation called Ride the Wuji Wind Horse to build strength and stability in the body
  • How to increase focused awareness amidst chaos
  • How to be present without excessive effort
  • The Wuji Weeble invoking vertical alignment when chaos enters
  • How engaging the core builds patience and resilient strength

Module 4: Building Elasticity & Strength in the Body Through Dynamic Tension Exploring the Role of Fascia in Wuji Hundun Qigong


The human body requires dynamic tension to build elasticity and strength in the body’s organs, as well as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

This dynamic tension is achieved through the fascia, the thin casing of connective tissue (with nerves almost as sensitive as skin) that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place.

When stressed, fascia tightens and can cause pain yet regularly practicing Wuji Hundun Qigong can help reduce the friction and increase easeful mobility.

Daisy will guide you to practice key movements that demonstrate this empowering aspect in Wuji Hundun Qigong.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How to engage dynamic tension in the Wuji Hundun Qigong movements, using Rou, An, and Chai as examples
  • The principles of Yin and Yang in an embodied way
  • Ways to increase elasticity and vibrancy in the fascia
  • Explore your range of motion to prevent and treat fascia projects
  • Your choice of a 2-minute Wuji Movement you’ll practice three times a day to keep the fascia mobile and supple

Module 5: Awakening the Wuji Within Practicing With Your Whole Being for Ease, Comfort & Joy


While it’s valuable to use your sense of sight to assess your form, especially early in your Qigong journey...

... engaging all five primary senses along with your intuitive sense can be even more helpful in learning and adapting Wuji Hundun Qigong to your unique body.

You’ll practice the full Wuji Hundun routine guided by Daisy, engaging the full spectrum of sensory perception and exploring subtle levels of awareness as you refine the physical movements in your body.

As you’ll discover, making small adjustments can alter how the form looks and feels cultivating ease, comfort, and joy in your practice.

This is a transition from copying the form to being the form as you introduce and play with deep attunement to all your senses.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • How to listen with your Lao Gong by activating a key healing point in the palms
  • How to observe with owl eyes using 360 vision to explore a broader perspective with the An and Kun movements
  • Tuning your “sense of scents” opening your olfactory awareness to mitigate fear, anxiety, or depression (as you explore Nature’s gifts or an essential oil to support relaxation or energy)
  • A gum and teeth massage to enhance oral health
  • The power of gentle touch to activate healing

Module 6: Supporting Flow in Your Wuji Hundun Qigong Movements to Feel Anchored & Stable in Your Body’s Energy


Movements can flow like water, but it is structure that gives water direction and creates a path forward for ease and grace to grow in both our Qigong movements, and in how we manage the inevitable chaos that arises in life.

The blueprint for success in Wuji Hundun Qigong is to have sufficient structure, yet without being confined or limited by it. We will explore moving stances to coordinate with certain Wuji Hundun Qigong movements in this session.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to increase flowing balance by slowing down a movement
  • How mindfully connecting the lower dantien to the Earth Qi helps anchor the body’s energy creating greater stability when life is chaotic and moving fast
  • How to roll with Rou playing with the wild Wuji Ball, without losing connection in the lao gong points between the palms while exploring moving stance work with the feet and legs
  • The Showering Qi Meditation to cleanse and purify static or hyper energy from head to toes

Module 7: Playing With Variations in Speed & Intent Honing Your Intuition for Wisdom & Creativity


There is great value in slowing your life down with the flowing, graceful movements of Wuji Hundun Qigong yet there’s unmined potential in learning how to vary the speed when you need or want to.

A hand extended can be one that offers friendship and support, but can become a firm push or strike to a vulnerable point in the body of an unwelcome intruder who has crossed a personal boundary.

Daisy will lead you through a playful exploration of Wuji Hundun Qigong to understand the subtle changeover from healing art to self-defense that Master Duan was known for.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How condensing energy into a focused area of the body supports stable strength and balance
  • How releasing fear can improve clarity and focus
  • How honing your intuition allows wisdom and creativity to blossom
  • Ways to step out of your comfort zone and introduce organized chaos into the Tuo movement with a moving stance: Stepping Forward, Stepping Back
  • That sometimes the best defense is surprise including breaking away from habitual patterns to activate new neural pathways

Module 8: Modulating Expectation to Boost Fulfillment


Sometimes life’s pressure can cause us to give up altogether instead of simply being present with what is and acknowledging where we’re at.

Even for practitioners on the path of refinement, lowering unrealistic expectations increases fulfillment and quiets the chaos created by the pressure of unmet demands for you, as well as those around you.

Daisy will guide you to focus on what you’d like to achieve in your practice, and work towards it, step by conscious step, one breath at a time, as you let the unnecessary fall away.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Understand why returning to the beginner’s mind allows for deeper learning
  • Learn why gentle inquiry is more effective than harboring punishing expectations for yourself and those around you
  • Appreciate how untethering from unrealistic expectations leads to greater ease, inner peace, and improved creativity
  • Practice the Wuji Hundun Qigong routine with relaxed intent and a pleasurable focus
  • Ignite or re-ignite your passion for play by engaging a practice partner your “partner” can be Nature, your pet, or a friend

Module 9: A Celebration of New Beginnings Continuing Your Practice for Greater Self-Trust & Confidence


You’ve reached module nine, the number of royalty and longevity in Chinese numerology.

At this point in your journey, you’ll have reached a deeper level of awareness of how form and function support one another how work and play, breath, body and mind go hand in hand in refining your health and discovering your unique personal gifts...

You’ll have gone “into the deep” to explore the art and intelligence of Wuji Hundun Qigong.

Wuji Hundun Qigong is a living, breathing practice that will continue to inform your life as you practice. To keep learning from it, explore the practice through practice checking in with what is happening in your body, heart, and mind should a movement trigger a reaction.

You’ll celebrate your accomplishments in this final practice together, and to continue to practice on your own, with greater self-trust and confidence developed over this time of dedicated practice.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Celebrate how far you’ve come after nine modules of practicing advanced Wuji Hundun
  • Explore how to discern the changes in your body’s health, mental qualities, and/or emotional balance
  • Cultivate a plan to this practice on your own, supported by the layers of practical knowledge and philosophy inherent in the system
  • Have a deeper appreciation of the phrase “a moving hinge never rusts”
  • Share where your unique Wuji Hundun Qigong practices took you and how you used the 18 movements available to you
  • Reflect on the highlights of your healing journey with Wuji Hundun Qigong


The 18-Movement Wuji Hundun Qigong Bonus Collection

In addition to Daisy’s transformative 9-module virtual course, you’ll receive these special bonuses with leading visionaries and teachers to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Myth & Meaning in Chinese Creation Mythology
Video Dialogue With Daisy Lee & Lonny Jarrett

Follow along with Daisy’s fascinating conversation about Chinese creation mythology’s deeper meanings with Lonny Jarrett, a leading practitioner, author, scholar, and teacher of East Asian medicine. Lonny has been practicing Chinese Medicine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts since 1986, and leads NourishingDestiny.com, an online community for 3000 practitioners of Chinese medicine worldwide.


Following the Path of Tao: Personal Practice & the Tao Te Ching
Video Dialogue With Daisy Lee & Deng Ming-Dao

In this fascinating discussion, Daisy connects with Deng Ming-Dao about what has inspired him to follow the path of Tao for a lifetime. An author, artist, philosopher, teacher, and martial artist, Deng has studied Taoist internal arts such as Qigong and Kung-Fu, and his books have been translated into 15 languages. Discover why Deng advocates the power of shaping yourself in order to live your most vital life!


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What Graduates of Daisy’s Courses Are Saying...


Cynthia Abbott: “If You’re Looking for a Teacher That Has Integrity, That Lives What She Speaks, I Highly Recommend Daisy Lee”

Bianca Sands: “Daisy Teaches With Authenticity and Grace”

Colleen Cannon: “The Whole World Should Be Doing This Program”

Karusia Wroblewski: “Just By Sitting Beside Daisy, You Can Feel Peaceful”

Sarah Barrios: “You Really Feel Nourished on Many Levels”

Gabrielle de Burke: “Daisy Has a Very Authentic Vibe”

“Daisy offers it all: mastery, kindness, clarity, and a healing energy that shines through.”

This is a standout from the many excellent Shift courses I have taken. Daisy offers it all: mastery, kindness, clarity, and a healing energy that shines through. Her joy in connecting with students during Q&A is like a blessing. And the several camera angles allow us to really see what she does. An amazing experience.
Francesca, Oregon

“If ever the seeds to personal transformation were to be planted, consult Daisy Lee.”

If ever the seeds to personal transformation were to be planted, consult Daisy Lee. Her approach to teaching Qigong through The Shift Network is an inspired and practical way to start. I think it is the beauty and calm in the storm of life which makes intention and transformation possible. It is a very positive process. Daisy Lee’s gentle, thorough approach makes this possible. I am grateful. Thank you!
Carol Brown Hauser, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I emerged transformed much calmer, more grateful and appreciative for my place in the world.”

I experienced a major shift of consciousness in my life. At the time of the course, there was unexpected major chaos in my external world. The 18 movements helped me hugely to keep myself in the eye of the storm, center, and ground myself. Such a beautiful refuge to turn to daily. I emerged transformed much calmer, more grateful and appreciative for my place in the world. I could literally feel old patterns disintegrating and feeding back the energy that was blocked by them. I feel reborn.
 Anna, Dublin, Ireland

“I almost have no words for the profound transformation I experienced.”

I almost have no words for the profound transformation I experienced. In the last session the tears of gratitude and joy would not stop flowing from my eyes. I am deeply grateful to Daisy Lee and The Shift Network team.
Gabrielle, Santa Cruz, California

“Daisy’s class is a deep magical journey while at the same time being simple and grounded in practical wisdom.”

Daisy’s class is a deep magical journey while at the same time being simple and grounded in practical wisdom. The quality of results is ongoing: easing the tension and strengthening the Qi. Also, her warm and gentle, yet powerful nature creates an environment of healing all by itself.
David, Oakridge, Oregon


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Nine 100-Minute Class Sessions With Daisy Lee

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Daisy Lee, the founder Radiant Lotus Qigong, from the comfort of your own home. Each class includes a streaming video option and will guide you to confidently create your own personalized Wuji Hundun Qigong practice for optimal wellbeing.

Nine Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The 18-Movement Wuji Hundun Qigong Bonus Collection
  • Myth & Meaning in Chinese Creation Mythology
    Video Dialogue With Daisy Lee & Lonny Jarrett
  • Following the Path of Tao: Personal Practice & the Tao Te Ching
    Video Dialogue With Daisy Lee & Deng Ming-Dao

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Master the 18-Movement Wuji Hundun Qigong Online Training


We feel honored that Daisy Lee has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about creating your own personalized Wuji Hundun Qigong practice for optimal wellbeing, then you owe it to yourself to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own evolution, click the register button below to reserve your space now.



1 Payment of

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Master the 18-Movement Wuji Hundun Qigong or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Daisy Lee...

“I’ve been helped with dealing with the emotions of grief...”

Daisy Lee is an awesome Qigong teacher. Since taking her classes, I’ve been helped with dealing with the emotions of grief, and my overall health has benefited from practicing Qigong. I am very grateful to have Daisy come and teach us.
Lupita Poppler, environmentalist and artist

“I have lost 10 pounds, stopped drinking alcohol...”

By the end of [my first Qigong class], I knew I’d found the pathway I’d been looking for. I practice (play) Qigong twice daily. The benefits of my practice have been immediate and very profound. I have lost 10 pounds, stopped drinking alcohol, and stopped taking Paxil, which was my crutch for anxiety. More importantly, I now also have a way to wake up my body and mind when I feel stuck, sluggish, or simply tired. I know that by incorporating this practice in my daily life, I have added quality to my life and probably years to it as well. I am forever grateful for this awakening.
E. LaSota, wedding videographer

“I have not used my cane to walk since the workshop...”

In my younger years I was a 6-time world champion in kickboxing and combat fighting, but about five years ago my life changed after a bad accident on a motorcycle. For years I have been in pain, dealing with issues around my back, hips, and knees so much so that I needed to use a cane just to walk. After just three hours at Daisy’s Qigong seminar, I was amazed how the movements and energy began to relax my body and release pain that was chronically affecting me. I see now how Qi or energy can be utilized to heal and strengthen the body, organs, and the mind. I have been consistent in using the techniques Daisy taught me in class, and through her DVDs I can continue to learn and understand how to heal myself along with those around me. I have not used my cane to walk since the workshop, and am so very grateful to Daisy for teaching here in Colorado.
Clarence Thatch, 3D Martial Arts, Colorado


About Daisy Lee

Daisy Lee is a respected leader in the Qigong world with more than 25 years of teaching experience. She is the founder and principal teacher of Radiant Lotus Qigong, as well as Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, her signature program that is taught worldwide by certified instructors.

A past board member of the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing, she has been a special guest lecturer at U.S. and Canadian hospitals, including Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, and Women’s College, where she taught Qigong to patients and medical staff to relieve stress and support whole-body health. She has presented at women’s clinics, senior centers, and schools, and has been a guest presenter in numerous online summits.

Daisy also teaches Zang Fu Gong, a system of Qigong that supports organ health and emotional balance. She learned ancient systems such as Wuji Hundun Qigong directly from her teacher, Master Duan Zhi Liang of Beijing, and is the 59th generation lineage holder of Hua Tuo’s original Five Animal Frolics from Bozhou, China.

Daisy was presented with the 2020 Qigong Master of the Year Award by the World Qigong Congress in recognition of her impact on women’s health and healing.


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A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee for a full two weeks so that you can try out the course risk free. The deadline to receive a refund is two weeks from your date of purchase. To request a refund, please click here to submit your Refund Application Form. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we will send you an email confirmation when your refund has been completed. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there’s something we can assist you with, please email us at support@theshiftnetwork.com, and we’ll be happy to help!


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A: Please visit our Customer Support Center, where you should be able to find the answer to your question or the solution to your problem. And if you can’t, you can submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you.