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Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training

This course is made available with two language options that you will have access to: 

Original Spanish with English Subtitles


Dubbed in English


Discover and begin to walk a path of profound emotional healing and the restoration of your heart’s capacity to transmute fear, disconnection, depression, and anxiety into a grounded sense of hope and purpose helping you express your deepest potential in your life, family, and community.


In these times, where people are feeling lost and disconnected in countless ways, many of us have become passionately committed to reclaiming healthy and thriving lives for ourselves and we’re eager to embrace unconventional approaches to do so.

You may be drawn to, or might have participated in, what many are calling the Psychedelic Renaissance. Modern psychology is discovering that ancient plant medicine traditions have profound potential for the deepest level of healing emotions, traumas, and memories.

Join us in an alchemical journey through the elements and the emotions, under the ancient wisdom of mushroom medicine as a benevolent guiding hand that will help you to relate to this Indigenous wisdom that merges concepts of emotional intelligence, psychology, choice, and trauma healing.


What is the Niño Santo?

How Do Niño Santos Work?

The Importance of Working With Emotions


Through these simple yet powerful teachings of the Indigenous perspective, you’ll:

  • Know yourself and your emotional landscape more deeply connecting to your feelingsand influencing your behavior every day
  • Learn how to approach and potentially use sacred medicines to transform your life on the physical plane
  • Understand the mushroom energy as a medicine with introspective properties and elements that connect us to their vibrational medicine
  • Explore the historical Mazatecan relationship with mushrooms and apply the core principles of the Mazatec mushroom ceremony in your life
  • Create a space through meditation to feel, listen to, and embody connection with the 4 elements, exploring how they are connected to each other... and to you
  • Be guided in many rituals with music, song, meditation, and prayer using Water, Fire, Air, and Earth to harmonize the emotions related to these elements and learn how to work with them as a healer
  • Practice a technique for releasing negativity through self-empowerment
  • Integrate the 4 sacred medicines as one system in your home altar creating an alchemy within your heart to hold a new vibration of peace and harmony
  • Connect to the spirit of the ancient prayer of forgiveness and compassion
  • Experience the Mazatecan Rosary with Eugenia as a way of giving tribute to our divine mother Earth, mother Tonanzintlan
  • And much more...

PLUS: Psychedelic Healing Integration Package
7-Part Video Series From the Psychedelic Healing Summit

In this unique supplemental Psychedelic Healing Integration Package resource, we’re offering a sampling of integration modalities to participants of this course to help launch the process of finding the best practices for you and discover how to connect the power of Eugenia’s teachings to your life.

Psychedelic healing is often described as consisting of three adjoining and concentric zones of concern: the preparation for the experience, the experience itself, and the consequent and ongoing integration of the experience.

Integration is often viewed as the most significant zone with the idea that you develop practices to actually improve your life. It is ultimately deeply personal and there are many modalities, many of which we already share here at Shift.

These are current voices on this timely topic, sharing their deep brilliance and warm hearts in last month’s Psychedelic Healing Summit...

  • Contemporary Psychonauts on Creating a Thriving Psychedelic Future
    Video Dialogue With Paul Stamets and Dennis McKenna, PhD
    Two leading luminaries in the psychedelic renaissance investigate the paths by which sacred medicines can help carry us into the future.
  • Exploring Creativity, Ceremony & the Healing Powers of Microdosing
    Video Dialogue With Laura Dawn, MSc and Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe
    The practice of microdosing sacred medicines has been used for millennia. In this session, you’ll discover how these practices can help you and how you can engage with this ancestral wisdom in a respectful and healing way.
  • Using Psychedelic Somatic Therapy to Connect With the Wisdom of the Body
    Video Dialogue With Annie King LMT, CST, PSI & Saj Razvi, LPC
    When it comes to trauma, we know that the body keeps the score and leading psychedelic somatic therapists Annie King, LMT, and Saj Razvi, LPC, show how psychedelic medicines can invite healing to settle that score.
  • Meditation & Breathwork Break
    Video Meditation From Angel Grant
    Pause and allow yourself to reconnect to your breath and soul, clearing your mind for ingesting the essence of all the teachings being brought forth.
  • How Psychedelics Can Help Heal & Integrate Ancestral & Intergenerational Trauma
    Video Dialogue With Akua Ofosuhene and Hanifa Nayo Washington
    How can we connect with the deepest roots of our human experience and heal the trauma that our bloodlines carry? Join Akua Ofosuhene and Hanifa Nayo Washington for a profound and soulful exploration of how psychedelics serve to resolve intergenerational, ancestral, and personal trauma.
  • Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness
    Video Dialogue With Mireya Alejo Marcet, MA, MFT
    Ground the transcendental into your being and take the gifts from your journey into your life with wise insights on how to integrate the lessons from your expanded experiences.
  • Integrating With Nature
    Video Dialogue With Dr. Rosalind Watts, PhD
    Explore a cornerstone of mindfulness by learning to immerse yourself and be healed by nature

Many of us find ourselves in a state of internal chaos or disconnection and therefore those are often the seeds we sow in our lives.

We want to reclaim our connection to family and healthy family values. We want to reclaim our connection to the natural world. We want to reclaim our very souls from the ravages of superficial materialism.

Emotional stagnation is also at the root of many major physical diseases. When we deny our emotions, we are left disconnected from the most genuine part of our beings.

But, we are not without options, if we truly seek to liberate the wisdom of our hearts for emotional and physical healing.

Exploring emotions through the context of the natural elements and working consciously with natural medicines amplifies your heart’s capacity to know truth and connects you to your vitalizing internal energy unlocking key parts of your own wellbeing.

One of the most powerful natural medicines for emotional healing is the psilocybin mushroom counting close to 150 different species which has been used in a shamanic context for thousands of years in Indigenous cultures throughout the world.

In modern times, the use of these mushrooms surged when Americans Gordon Wasson and Allan Richardson traveled to Mexico in the 1950s. There they met Mazateca curandera María Sabina, who shared the mushroom with them that is known to her people as Los Niños Santos, which means the holy children. This controversial yet ultimately historically profound event helped usher in a deep collective interest among modern seekers.

The Mazatec people live in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, and they’re well known for their syncretic form of Christianity and Indigenous shamanism. In their most sacred rituals, psilocybin mushrooms and other powerful visionary plants are used to communicate with the spirit world, receive inspired messages of wisdom and hope, heal dis-ease, and experience the Divine.

Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro is a Mazateca healer from Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico, the little town in the region of Oaxaca that was brought to fame by María Sabina. Eugenia has taken on the mantle of her family lineage, as the daughter of Julieta Casimiro, one of the original International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.


I Am Eugenia


We are deeply honored to have Eugenia here to share with you rituals and tools passed down to connect with the spirit of Los Niños Santos as well as the elements and the emotions on a pathway of exploration, healing, contemplation, and reflection.

This course is an invitation to practice and explore the bridge that exists between natural elements and our human emotions. These teachings are based on an Indigenous understanding of interrelatedness, where everything that happens in our external world is a reflection of our internal state of heart and mind and vice versa.

You’ll connect with your emotional guidance system and begin to correlate your emotions with the course of the natural world. You’ll understand and embody the concepts of connection and interdependence. You’ll be able to organize your emotions, giving them a voice and a way to be honored.

When you uncover repressed emotions, you’ll rediscover the voice of your intuition.

The shamanic study of each natural element susses out specific expressions of the energy that animates and builds everything that is created by our Universal Mother. From the insects to the flowers, from the rocks to the trees, to humans and animals we are all composed in different scales of these sacred elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

For the Mazatec Indigenous people, the study of these elements has never been a separate relationship or an isolated focus because the work with these elements is in everyday life.

“Elements are an expression of who we are and how we behave,” says Eugenia. “The power of the elements also expresses the vulnerability of our existence. It is in relating to all the forces that constitute us, that we can find a true and honest relationship with the cosmos.”

Each element has a behavior or maybe even a personality the element expresses a condition and a way in which each particular energy moves. For example, water moves and finds a way through every blockage, sometimes can get stagnant, and that stagnation creates heaviness and debris. In that same way we can find that our emotions are energies that are in motion, living, and moving inside of our minds and thoughts.

For the first time, many who may never have otherwise considered it are receiving the invitation to merge with the mycelial network and receive the timeless wisdom carried by these sacred spores.


About Teaching Assistant Miguel Mendez

Healer, wellness advocate, and magical chef Miguel Mendez is responsible for co-conceiving, co-developing, and translating this course. He will be present for all live experiences to respond to questions and translate for Eugenia.

Miguel is a health advisor, known in North and South America for his active role in personal development. His expansive knowledge integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kundalini yoga, meditation, nutrition, and Indigenous plant medicine.

Miguel, who lives in Upstate New York, walks an active path of consciousness and transformation. His offerings and teachings are all derived from the passion of his heart. He believes strongly that through the spreading of ancestral wisdom and the application of simple and grounded technical information, the world is evolving into a more peaceful place each day.


Grandmother Flordemayo: “Listen About All of the Sacredness of the
Beautiful Teachings of Eugenia's Ancestors”


What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Eugenia will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully embrace a path of deep emotional healing and the restoration of your heart’s capacity to transmute fear, disconnection, depression, and anxiety into a grounded sense of hope and purpose helping you express your deepest potential in your life, family, and community.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Eugenia straight from Oaxaca, Mexico. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to restore your heart’s capacity to transmute fear, disconnection, depression, and anxiety into a grounded sense of hope and purpose.

Module 1: The 4 Sacred Elements & the History of Mushrooms in the Mazatecan Culture


In this opening module, you’ll discover the Mazatecan way in which elements interact in our daily lives as powerful forces of healing and guidance.

We’ll explore the history and the lineage of the mushroom altar, the connection as a holistic system of healing with the four elements, and the four sacred Mazatecan altar medicines. You’ll learn to discern your most dominant element and what types of work, rituals, and offerings you can do to find balance, harmony, and beauty in the dance of each individual element.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The reason the 4 sacred medicine elements help you perceive your most dominant emotions
  • How the 4 elements are related to each other and the spirit of the mushrooms
  • The way to call upon each element and why it’s crucial to ask permission to work with them
  • How to create a space through meditation to feel and listen to the elements
  • The historical Mazatecan relationship with mushrooms, and how to apply the beauty of this magical medicine to your own lineage

Module 2: Sacred Medicine of Earth How Cacao Can Help Release Worry and Anxiety


Earth is our beloved ground. Every rock and every piece of mountain is made of the ancient minerals of life that create fertile grounds for life to flourish.

In this module, we’ll explore how the earth elements hold us together as one, as well as the energy of gravity, which invites us to deepen our relationship to our ancestral roots.

You’ll be introduced to cacao medicine and learn how it relates to the element of earth through its flavor, shape, and color. We’ll open a space of prayer and devotion for our Mother Earth and commune with the emotion of agitation that emerges when we forget or disconnect from our own roots of existence.

Together with the cacao and the earth we’ll release some of the worry or anxiety that can build up in our emotional systems particularly in our digestive systems and in our minds.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to work with the element of earth through cacao, and which emotions it represents
  • The ways in which the earth element is expressed in your life and in your body
  • The teachings of the cacao medicine, and how you can use it to release worry and ground yourself daily
  • Why working with cacao through ritualized prayers is so powerful
  • How to ask permission of earth’s spiritual people to guide us through our ritual

Module 3: Sacred Medicine of Water Wash Away Fear & Sadness With the Magic of Flowered Water


Water is the most clear and neutral source of life. It is through the waters in the womb of our mothers that we were born. Water is the most precious element for life on planet Earth and when we internalize the beauty of water, we get in touch with the immense mystery of life itself.

We’ll be introduced to the flow of water and the movements of ease and relaxation. Eugenia will share a prayerful way of charging the water with healing and clearing energy. We’ll learn how water gives us the opportunity to wash away grief and sadness as we surrender to its natural flow.

We’ll also create a special flower combination of water and flowers to bathe ourselves in a restorative, comforting ritual.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The blessings of water, and how to create a new relationship with this element
  • Why the flow of water is pivotal in opening your own emotional flow, and how it makes you feel secure
  • How water listens to our prayers, and how those prayers move throughout your daily life
  • Which suppressed emotions are associated with water, and how to create a daily water ritual to release them and renew hope
  • How to work with water and flower petals to make an elemental medicine infusion and use it in a guided meditation for healing yourself and others

Module 4: Sacred Medicine of Air Cleaning the Mind & Invoking Peace With the Sacred Medicine of Copal


The air that we breathe is the carrier of messages and life force for our destinies.
Doña Eugenia

It is through air that all creatures are linked together in the biosphere of life. By exploring the air element, we’ll embark on a journey of change and possibility. When we enter into communion with this element of life, we’re invited to welcome it with an open heart and expansive lungs that can grasp the blessing of spirit.

We’ll explore how air is a vehicle for transformation, and how it exists in everything that’s animated in our world. We’ll learn how to study and observe the winds of change in our lives, getting a sense of when it’s important to listen to the wind and also when it’s necesarry to protect ourselves from harmful winds. Through the sacred medicine copal (tree resin) we’ll work on our minds and our thoughts, discovering how the mind affects the way that we feel and relate to internal and external emotions.

Copal can serve as a medium to pray for peace within yourself. You’ll learn about the origins of this medicine, its ceremonial way of being used, how to clean your mind and thoughts, and how to clear and harmonize your physical spaces, such as your office or home.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Air as the element that belongs to the sky, and how to interact with this element as a healer
  • Where copal medicine comes from and how it relates to air and creates alchemy in the physical space
  • How the element of air relates to your mind and interacts with your emotions, and how to connect them through your breath
  • How to create a copal ritual, and what it can do for your mental peace and clarity
  • The way to ask for spiritual guidance and direction from the great mystery of the sky with a guided prayer

Module 5: Sacred Medicine of Fire Lighting the Candle of Hope to Let Go of Anger & Resentment


Fire represents the eternal flame of transformation and alchemy.
Doña Eugenia

We’ll unite our hearts and our intentions to create a ritual of light and hope.

Together, through the light of the ceremonial candles, we’ll invoke the light of divine guidance into our lives, transforming old feelings of anger and resentment into a prayer of hope, kindness, and balance. Fire represents hope, giving us light in the dark times and helping guide our intentions and our visions into a more fulfilling realm of existence.

In this prayerful session, you’ll discover how to integrate ceremonial candles into your life through setting devotional intentions when lighting and invoking the element of fire to illuminate your soul and our collective destiny.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The energetics of fire and how to activate this element through light in the ceremonial context
  • Which emotions the fire element represents, and how the dynamics of anger and resentment are related to the joy of our hearts
  • How to reconcile and renew your alliance with the light of the fire
  • A technique for releasing negativity through self-empowerment
  • Why you should work with beeswax candles to transform fire emotions through flame andsong to invoke hope for yourself and the planet

Module 6: Introduction to the Spirit of Los Niños Santos (The Holy Children) Connecting Emotions to the Entire Cosmos


We’ll explore how mushroom medicine opens the heart and unifies all the elements as one entity. We’ll work on the depths of our feeling by asking the spirit of Los Niños Santos for the miracle of healing and openness to the source of joy and contentment. We’ll connect to the energetics of nature and make our sacred offerings to all the elements as one holistic system of magic and alchemy.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The way to activate all 4 elements and alchemize your emotions within your heart, to hold a new vibration of peace and harmony
  • A system to integrate the 4 sacred medicines in your home altar
  • How to connect to the spirit of the mushroom and to your emotions through prayer
  • An initiation into the path of integrating emotions into your medicine journey through the connection of the elements and your soul (the “fifth element”)
  • How to create a ceremonial space for the use of mushrooms

Module 7: Integration Ritual  Prayer to Our Universal Mother Tonantzintla


After the ceremonial ritual of the four sacred elements, medicines, and mushrooms in our life’s altar, it’s time to integrate the power of the medicines through prayer and affirmation.

We’ll close our work and exploration by bringing tribute to our divine Mother Earth, Mother Tonanzintla, with a ritual known as the Mazatecan Rosary.

We’ll offer our work back to the womb of our Mother Earth, asking for her compassion and guidance with this new alliance created with the four elements. Finally, we’ll ask for the blessing of the four sacred elements so we can receive the guidance of this ancient wisdom for the rest of our lives.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to develop a prayer that calls for the spirit of our Divine Mother Earth
  • When to close your work and ask for protection so that you can keep working with the 4 elements
  • The specific techniques needed to solidify your mission together with your emotional wellbeing in relation to the harmonious dance of the elements
  • Ways to connect with the feminine and the Divine Mother why Eugenia’s culture prays to the Virgin Mary as an opportunity to go deeper and connect to the energy of the Universal Feminine
  • The experience of the Mazatecan Rosary with Eugenia

The Healing Potential of Sacred Mushrooms Bonus Collection

In addition to Eugenia’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll receive these special bonuses with leading visionaries and teachers to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.



How to Transform Health & Raise Consciousness With the Healing Power of Mushrooms
3 Video Modules From Christopher Hobbs’ Shift Network Course

Module 1: Transform Your Life With Fungi
For thousands of years, people have used mushrooms for both food and medicine. In this first module, Christopher shares how mushrooms provide a wealth of nutrients, including potassium, vitamin D, selenium, and loads of fiber.

Module 2: Ways to Use Mushrooms Medicinally
Explore how different fungi have individual adaptogenic properties of the most prominent superfood varieties and how incorporating them into your daily routine can take your health, longevity, and performance to the next level.

Module 3: The Best Ways to Source & Use Mushrooms
Discover where you can get mushrooms through foraging in the woods, growing your own, or buying them in the marketplace. If you’re looking to find them in the wild, you’ll see how to discern whether they’re safe and under what conditions and places you can find the best medicinal and edible mushrooms.


Plus... you’ll receive these bonuses too!


Ancient Herbs for Higher Consciousness
Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and David Crow

Rainforest herbalist Adriana Ayales and plant medicine pioneer David Crow discuss powerful spiritual herbs and plants that have been used for millennia to activate higher awareness, intuitive abilities, and deep healing on every level mental, emotional, energetic, and beyond. These plants have been used by monks, yogis, and shamans to assist meditation, prolong states of concentration, and boost brain abilities.


Plus... you’ll receive these bonuses too!

Concepts of Spiritual Healing From a Maya Shaman
Video Dialogue With Rosita Arvigo and Adriana Ayales

In this dialogue, Rosita Arvigo and Adriana Ayales explore universal examples of fright or “susto,” and grief or “pesar” (as taught by Don Elijio Panti, Maya shaman of Belize). Many questions are posed... How do we access these emotions? What are the manifestations? How are they treated within Maya medicine?


Guided Practices to Embody the Earth, Open the Mind & Receive the Healings of the Sacred Medicine
Video Teaching From Miguel Mendez

Miguel Mendez will lead you in a guided practice to embody the Earth. Discover how to connect your muscles to the roots of the earth and move your physical and mental awareness to the strength of the mountains. You’ll also explore dynamic breath patterns and music to connect your heart to your mind accessing your inner gift of creativity with intuition and embodied connection, and preparing your mind to tap into plant consciousness.


Integrating Psychedelic Therapies & Sacred Plant Medicine
Video Dialogue With Joe Tafur, MD, and Dr. Paul J. Mills

In this dialogue, Dr. Tafur will discuss the art and science of ancestral spiritual healing techniques and their relevance to the expanding world of psychedelic-assisted therapies and modern medicine. Dr. Tafur’s book, The Fellowship of the River: A Medical Doctor’s Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine, will serve as a guide as we explore the role of spiritual healing in modern healthcare and the intersection between biology, emotion, and spirituality.


What People Are Saying About Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro...

“Eugenia is a wise woman who has helped me to find a way to relate to myself in a very humble and yet powerful way.”

Eugenia is a wise woman who has helped me to find a way to relate to myself in a very humble and yet powerful way. Her way of talking is very unique and sometimes no words are really needed to understand the intention of her magical message.
Gloria Ordonez, laboratory technologist

“The way [Eugenia] relates to the earth is very inspiring, same as the love she brings to her prayers and rituals.”

I was very surprised to find so much information in Eugenia’s ceremonies and events. The way she relates to the earth is very inspiring, same as the love she brings to her prayers and rituals.
Florencia Díaz, Reiki healer and coach

“Every time I have the chance to experience [Eugenia’s] knowledge is an opportunity of growth for me.”

It’s difficult to describe how many teachings I received by the hands of Eugenia. Every time I have the chance to experience her knowledge is an opportunity of growth for me.
Wendy Stillman, sound healer


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven Hour-Long Class Sessions With Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Mazateca Healer & Ceremonial Guide Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and guides you to give you new perspectives on how to become your own healer and live to your fullest potential through the wisdom of sacred mushrooms through the 4 elements.

Seven Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Healing Potential of Sacred Mushrooms Bonus Collection
  • Concepts of Spiritual Healing From a Maya Shaman
    Video Dialogue With Rosita Arvigo and Adriana Ayales
  • Guided Practices to Embody the Earth, Open the Mind & Receive the Healings of the Sacred Medicine
    Video Teaching From Miguel Mendez
  • Integrating Psychedelic Therapies & Sacred Plant Medicine
    Video Dialogue With Joe Tafur, MD, and Dr. Paul J. Mills

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We feel honored that Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a Mazateca healer and ceremonial guide whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about walking this path of profound emotional healing toward a grounded sense of hope and purpose, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

This course in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity, and is strictly for educational purposes only. Please be aware that psychedelic substances still remain illegal in many countries. By participating in this course you agree that The Shift Network takes no responsibilities for your actions. Please also be aware that this course is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy or medicine, instead it is designed to provide education from our personal and professional experiences. If you are experiencing significant issues, please seek medical attention. We look forward to having you join us!

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About Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro

Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro is a Mazateca healer from Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico, a little town in the region of Oaxaca brought to fame by María Sabina and her work with Los Niños Santos, or “the holy children.” Trained in her ancestral lineage by her mother, Abuela Julieta Pineda Casimiro of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Eugenia worked by her side since childhood, and accompanied her through all of her world travels. Eugenia inherited this altar to carry on the family legacy upon her mother’s passing in 2018.

Eugenia is mother to three beautiful children and resides in her familial home in Huautla.  Along with her sisters, the family carries on its traditions of doing exquisite embroidery, harvesting beeswax for candle-making, and cultivating coffee and cacao.  

Helping other people and following the path of light and God are the deepest expressions of Eugenia’s heart.


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