With Jungian Psychotherapist & Award-Winning Author
Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

A 9-Module On-Demand Video Training


Journey through an immersive alchemical process to transmute the pain-body of your family lineage and become the center of an intergenerational healing axis fully equipped to effectively heal old wounds and move forward in the life you’re meant to inhabit, one that is full of light and love.


Conventional wisdom tells us that we can only be a force for good in the world when we have our own house in order.

What if your “house” holds not just your personal challenges, but all those that have been passed down through your family lineage for generations?

We all embody a residue of pain from the trauma and hardships our ancestors endured and the choices they made, and those wounds affect how we walk through the world today.

Do you ever feel trapped in an entanglement of burdens that didn’t start with you?

As a current student in Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone’s course, Ancestral Wisdom for Walking the Path of the Holy Being, you’ve immersed yourself in the ancient teachings and powerful practices of both Judaism and Tibetan Buddhism and dedicated yourself to walking a sacred, empowered path toward your most holy self and the illumination of others.

You now have an opportunity to go deeper into your ancestral healing work, to transform yourself and future generations, through a powerful alchemical process that will enable you to transmute the intergenerational suffering you’ve absorbed. .. and finally put to rest the shadows that are playing out in your life today.

Join Rabbi Tirzah for an advanced 9-module journey of compassionate self-examination and excavation. You’ll address the core wounds in your family line, recognize how they’re affecting your psyche, extract yourself from them, and heal them through a unique, highly transformative process that weaves together mysticism, magic, and science.

She’ll gently guide you through the four stages of the alchemical process as well as the seven principles of trauma healing to raise the “bones” of your lineage and ultimately bless and bury them... transmuting the darkness they hold into light, goodness, and love.

Through Rabbi Tirzah’s teachings and the many exercises she’ll take you through meditations, visualizations, rituals, journaling, and other integrative activities you’ll be able to penetrate the central blockages and traumas of your family to honor, love, and release them... enabling your full radiant self to emerge.

Healing and love will flow freely from you so you can help liberate yourself, your family, and future generations, once and for all, from the intergenerational traumas that have besieged you. You’ll be left with the fortitude and the resilience you need to continue, unimpeded, to better the world.

The goal is to connect with the Prima Materia the divine spark of your primal self and the sacred riddle of your existence which we all carry at the root of our soul. It’s the primary Essence of creation, the union of all opposites, the hidden wholeness within... and, when uncovered and brought to the forefront of your being, it heals all imperfect bodies that it touches and serves as the clay with which you can mold a destiny of profound purpose and service.

You’ll be invited to work deeply with an ancestral family affliction, understand the roots of it, and use the power of alchemy to transmute that heavy “lead” into light.

With the help of your wise and well ancestors, you’ll be guided by Rabbi Tirzah to become a healing axis for your lineage, with the capacity to release your wounded ancestors from their unresolved suffering as you reduce challenges in your own life, the lives of your present family, and even those who will come after you.

Alchemy for Your Soul’s Evolution

Alchemy, the medieval forerunner of chemistry, is an art and philosophy based on the transformation of matter. In its physical form, it was used to convert base metals into gold.

Its process was adopted by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and used metaphorically for self-purification, individuation, and the deep work of soul-transformation helping people carve out a path toward full integration and self-realization.

Through the wisdom of ancient alchemists, the teachings of Kabbalah, and the exploration of the Jungian archetypes you embody, Rabbi Tirzah will usher you into the esoteric field of alchemy to do comprehensive, transformational healing work.

This work will help you uncover your soul’s true birthright what the alchemists call the Philosopher's Stone the mystical symbol for the individuated self… the fulfillment of your soul’s designated sacred purpose… and your achieved Tzaddik or Buddha nature.

This is the heightened state you can achieve when you transmute negative burdens into usable, healing wisdom. 


What Is Alchemy?

The 4 Stages of the Alchemical Process

Who Is Mercurius?


During this course of excavation, healing, and light, you’ll:

  • Dive deeply into the four stages of alchemy to transmute the shadow material and intergenerational suffering your family has carried... and finally put to rest the shadows that are playing out in your life so you can be a force for good in the world
  • Become an axis of healing for your family past, present, and future and birth a new, unencumbered lineage
  • Learn and practice the shared work of Kabbalists and alchemists
  • Choose one ancestral family affliction to heal... once and for all
  • Connect to the mercurial element within you called the Prima Materia the divine stuff of your primal self and receive powerful help to shape your destiny for good
  • Visit the Ancestral Halls to call upon your wise and well Ancestors and Guardians who will assist you in the process of transformation and renewal
  • Be guided in a variety of experiential activities to help you embody the transmission of Rabbi Tirzah’s wisdom, as you receive it from the depths of your psyche
  • Penetrate and release the central blockages and traumas of your family so you can untangle yourself from the heaviness that doesn’t belong to you and allow your full radiant self to emerge
  • Experience the seven principles of trauma healing
  • Honor and bless your wounded ancestors and lay to rest the burdens they carried
  • Uncover your soul’s birthright, your Philosopher’s Stone the alchemical symbol for perfection, enlightenment, and inner peace
  • Explore the Jungian archetypes that you embody to expand your consciousness and healing capacity
  • And much more...

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-part transformational intensive, Rabbi Tirzah will guide you through a comprehensive alchemical healing process to release the wounds of your family lineage and emerge luminous and equipped to effectively move forward in the life you’re meant to inhabit.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Rabbi Tirzah. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to release the inherited wounds of your ancestors and emerge luminous and fully equipped to effectively move forward in the life you’re meant to inhabit.

Module 1: At the Boundary of Science & Magic


In this opening session, you’ll start to explore alchemy and how depth psychology explains it as a metaphor for a healing process that leads to full integration and self-realization.

You’ll look at symbols and images known as archetypes which reside in humanity’s shared universal psyche and learn to understand the collective unconscious... universal patterns harbored in all of nature, animals, and the universe itself.

Rabbi Tirzah will begin to guide you through the cross-cultural, gender-expansive archetypal patterns of the personality, all of which are facets of the Philosopher’s Stone, which symbolizes the ultimate goal of the mystic path likened to enlightenment, unity, and bringing heaven to earth. These archetypes will be central to your alchemical process.

You’ll start to recognize important archetypes within your own personality, such as Persona, your social mask… Ego, the hero within you seeking its place in the world… and Complex, the place of your original wounding when you experienced a trauma that became one of your organizing principles.

You’ll also learn how the Prima Materia is akin to the mystical Hebrew letter Aleph, a magical essence that carries the power to unify opposites that create discord in the world and ill health in your body.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn about the history of alchemy as an art, esoteric science, and philosophy
  • Begin to think about the Prima Materia at the root of your soul and how it’s been molding your destiny
  • Look at the meaning of the Philosopher’s Stone as the desired goal of the transformational path
  • Explore the universal power of the collective unconscious
  • Start to understand the workings of your own psyche as you learn various important archetypes within your own personality
  • Experience a process in which Rabbi Tirzah guides you into the ancestral chambers, where you’ll call upon your wise and well ancestors and contact your lineage guardians to receive their symbol of your Prima Materia... and their blessing

Module 2: Coming Through the Dark Night of the Soul


The basic tenets of alchemy will be explained, as Rabbi Tirzah provides vivid images that represent the discovering and living out of the true self. She’ll illustrate why this process of self-discovery is inexorably linked to tikkun olam your contribution to redeeming the world.

You’ll learn the alchemical terms and images for the dark night of the soul Nigredo, Mortificatio, and Putrificatio (black stage, death, and decay) the first stage of alchemical transformation. Although this stage can be challenging, it’s necessary to experience in order to do the work of alchemical healing and transformation... and birth new life.

Rabbi Tirzah will introduce you to the alchemical vessel the key alchemical instrument, which must be sealed for the magic of transformation to work. You’ll learn how it relates to Ego, health, boundaries, and relationship structure.

You’ll study alchemical images of the peacock, born of the death process... and the Phoenix, born of ashes. This is the blackening stage in the alchemical process, which rises and glows in beautiful hues of flame.

With the goal of bringing Prima Materia into actuality, you’ll examine the “core complex” of your being and that of your family and understand it as a reflection of a rupture that occurred and is carried in your lineage.

You will explore the archetypes at play within you and the world around you Death and Rebirth, the vessel of the Ego (in both its ruptured and whole shapes), the Inner Partner, and the Wise Old Woman or Man within you.

You’ll discover the realized self (or Tzaddik) within you and how it can guide you to the ultimate goal of the Self the synthesis of your potential as the integration of all sub-personalities and parts that lead you to experience the Philosopher’s Stone.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the alchemical terms for the dark night of the soul in terms of Jung’s psychological process of death before rebirth... and how this psycho-spiritual stage paves the way for renewal
  • Explore the “core complex” of your being and that of your family
  • Grasp how the dark night of the soul is the flip side of revelation and a new dawn emerging
  • Learn what the sealed vessel represents in your own development and how ego containment and boundaries may or may not have been allowed in your family of origin
  • Be guided through a meditation to experience Jung’s powerful teaching of the inner partner, called the Anima and Animus the feminine and masculine energies within you
  • Experience a ritual practice to enter the Ancestral Halls and seek help from the ancestors who know your family’s darkness both wise and well and those who’ve been paralyzed, wounded, and stuck in their soul’s evolution

Module 3: Alchemical Ritual Lab 1 Raising the Bones


You’ll investigate the myth of Serach, daughter of Asher, a young girl from the Hebrew lineage who’s gifted with prophetic powers. She’s called upon to find the bones of Joseph hidden at the bottom of the Nile River before the exodus of her people.

Rabbi Tirzah will guide you to find yourself in the story to understand the call of the ancient elder Joseph, who could see ahead that his descendants would lose their way, become enslaved, and one day be redeemed. Joseph entreats his children to carry his bones out of Egypt into the promised land and so must you.

When you enter the alchemical laboratory, you’re invited to bring with you an actual object that serves as a symbol of your core wound or complex or that of your family. You’ll be asked to have your altar prepared with all the elements on it as well as ancestral photos.

In this process, you’ll use each of the elements to activate your symbolic representation. With the music of Serach, you’ll travel deep into the chambers of the ancestral halls and ask for the wounded and paralysed to make themselves known. There we perform an alchemical ritual to raise the bones and carry them forward through time.

In this ritual lab module, you’ll:

  • Bring the old family bones the wounded and unfinished lives of your ancestors to the surface of your consciousness for the sake of your highest good and healing. .. and that of your family
  • Encounter the pain-body that you and your family carry the onus of your bloodline’s history
  • Understand the trauma residue and painful programming that you and your family carry from a socio-historical context
  • Realize that deep healing requires distance from the heat and inflammation of the trauma and wounding

Module 4: Marrying Your Inner Other


As you continue exploring the story of carrying the ancestral bones to the promised land, you’ll begin your study of the Philosopher’s Stone the goal of alchemy and elixir of life.

You’ll explore the first three of the four stages of alchemy and their corresponding archetypes.

You’ll review the alchemical stage of Nigredo (or blackening) from Module 2, which represents the experience of psychological death when things fall apart in our lives. In the language of alchemists, this is the “lead” that must be charred and burnt into black ash.

This stage paves the way for renewal, found in the alchemical stage known as Albedo (or whitening) the purification that happens when we marry or unite with our inner opposite. For male-identified people, it’s the feminine energies of the psyche, or Anima and for female-identified people, it’s the internal masculine energies, or Animus.

This inner marriage leads to the alchemical stage known as Citrinitas (or yellow brightening) the stage of psychological development when you tap into your wise and well ancestors and cultivate relationships with them. This in turn signals a deepening of your soul and access to your own inner wells of wisdom.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Study the first 3 of the 4 stages of alchemy and the facets of your personality that correspond to them. .. as a metaphor for the healing journey you’re on
  • Be guided through a meditation to uncover and experience Jung’s powerful teachings about the archetype of the Wise Old Woman or Man the realized self (or Tzaddik) within you
  • Understand the archetype of the Self the synthesis of your potential that comes with the integration of all your sub-personalities and parts
  • Understand the alchemist term “mystical marriage,” and the state of hermaphrodite inclusively male and female, integrating both
  • Be able to apply this wisdom to the current broadening of sexual orientations and gender identities
  • Experience a practice, with all your allies and guardians present, to call on the wounded souls in your lineage and begin the work of healing transmuting the pain-body and laying down the burden of the family onus, preparing to bury it

Module 5: The Glistening Warmth of a Whole Self


The great alchemists believed that we can’t materially turn lead into light (gold) if our being isn’t aligned with the process. No change can happen in the laboratory if it doesn’t happen within the alchemists themselves.

You’ll work with the next principle of alchemical healing healing our human tendency to fear, blame, and dehumanize the other. Rabbi Tirzah will guide you in reclaiming your shadow projections.

You’ll explore the final alchemical stage known as Rubito (or reddening), in which you find the warm ruby red of the Philosopher’s Stone your magical, whole, and healing self.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover that reclaiming your projections (or shadows) from others is critical to ancestral trauma healing
  • Learn why the practice of “othering” weakens the seal on your alchemical vessel
  • Explore the ways you unconsciously “other” people and even yourself casting your own self out of your heart
  • Journey into the alchemical laboratory of old Prague to visit the ancient circle of alchemists
  • Be introduced to the wisdom and twinkling brilliance of your own ancient and ever-new self
  • Work with Ego the self axis and discover that when the axis is strong and open it can be a strong channel to the higher self
  • Tap into the inner wells of your soul’s wisdom, which will help you continue your designated healing work
  • Experience a guided journey into the ancient laboratories of the alchemical wizards and mystics where you’ll be in the presence of your ancestral lineage and encounter your own internal wizard: your potential

Module 6: Alchemical Ritual Lab 2 Carrying & Burying the Bones, Laying the Pain-Body to Rest


Rabbi Tirzah will begin this practicum as a journey, guiding you through cleansing breath practices to flush out your right and left orbital hemispheres. You’ll then recite together an ancient chant, Tehom el Tehom (From the Deep I Call to You) to invoke your ancestors as you enter a ritual ceremony in the Ancestral Realm...

... where you’ll deliver gifts to honor your paternal and maternal lineages... and gather the gratitude and acknowledgement of raising and carrying the bones of the ancestors to peace.

During this process, you’ll be invited to sense the different characters and tricksters of each lineage those who might want to trip you up or put roadblocks in your way all the while remaining present and grounded.

Rabbi Tirzah will then lead you in a visualization to a sacred spot in nature where you’ll be able to observe how you’ve been carrying the onus of your ancestors. You’ll complete the journey in the presence of the wounded ancestors where you’ll bury your family’s pain-body.

This is the profound work of facing the wounded in your family lineage, honoring them, listening to them, and hearing their cries.

You’ll be asked to bring with you a bone, stone, or other relic, to imbue it with the pain of your family or lineage wound.

In this practicum, you’ll:

  • Experience a cleansing breathing technique to clear your mind and body as you flush out your right and left orbital hemispheres
  • Participate in a 3,000-year-old chant to invoke your ancestors
  • Deliver gifts to honor both your paternal and maternal lineages customized to their unique qualities and feel yourself being seen and honored by your ancestors
  • Be guided in a visualization to a sacred spot in nature, where you’ll observe how you have been carrying the onus of your ancestors
  • Elevate the essence of your wounded ancestors as you bury your family’s pain-body
  • Learn a powerful maxim to transform the wounded into your spiritual allies

Module 7: Re-Choosing Your Voluminous Self


What are you left with now that you’ve buried your family’s pain-body?

Having released the bones to Mother Earth, you need to shed the old story you’ve been telling yourself about who you are.

It’s time to enter new territory what the myth calls the Promised Land.

You’ll examine the stumbling blocks set in your way by both your inner saboteur and wetiko the dark forces that trick us on our path to wholeness and tempt us to creep back into the smallest version of ourselves. These forces coax us to dig up and embrace the bones of our old self, so we can feel “safe” and familiar again.

So how do you occupy your voluminous self and embrace the idea that you’re no longer wounded? You’ll discuss your renewed ancient self and your return to the grand vista you had when you came into this life.

Rabbi Tirzah will also guide you in an alchemical practice to transmute the world’s heavy energies of suffering and pain.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Become wise to the snares of your inner saboteur who tries to lure you back from your spiritual gains
  • Examine wetiko the dark forces that attempt to impede your progress
  • Discover within yourself an expanded consciousness, or big-mind
  • Come to understand the pitfalls and nuances of the superiority/inferiority complex and how you can get stuck in our “specialness”
  • Practice Tonglen, first for those who are ailing today and then for those in your lineage who died in agitation, trauma, fear, or confusion

Module 8: Alchemical Ritual Lab 3 Preparing to Cross the Threshold of This Life


As a whole and robust soul who’s accomplished the alchemical stages of self-transformation, you’ll now practice Ars Moriendi the sacred art of rehearsing for a conscious and beautiful passing from this life when that time comes.

A guided journaling exercise will help you explore your personal fears and the negative ancestral beliefs we’ve absorbed about death.

Rabbi Tirzah will then guide you in meditation to the threshold of this life to harvest its lessons from a state of expanded consciousness. You’ll practice being seen and lovingly received as you assume your light-body. Ample time will be provided for gentle integration.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Start to cleanse the fears you associate with your death and release the cultural, religious, and familial baggage you’ve accrued from the traumatic deaths of people close to you
  • Observe your life from an expanded viewpoint and experience a profound appreciation for all that you are and all you’ve achieved
  • Identify areas in yourself and in your relationships that haven’t been in your sphere of awareness
  • Experience the deep love that surrounds you in other dimensions
  • Learn a protective prayer and invocation for the practice of journeying across the threshold of this world
  • Attain a sense of what it may feel like to be a body of light

Module 9: Creating a Luminous Legacy


In this closing session, you’ll explore the archetype of the Apocalypse. The archetype of our time, Apocalypse refers to the great uncovering a revealing of what’s been previously obscured. You’re now ready to look at the myth or central narrative that you’re living today... and what’s coming to light in your present life.

Alchemical wisdom teaches that in times like these with polarization and tensions building destructive conflicts of opposing forces will generate energies deep within the psyche that, while extremely chaotic and difficult, ultimately allow for renewal and revitalization.

You’ll be invited to share with your co-participants whatever’s burgeoning with new life for you, and where you’re energized to apply your life force and sow seeds of new light. You’ll have an opportunity to share how you’re planning to take action and BE the Philosopher’s Stone in the world.

There will be time to share drawings, poetry, collages, or musical expressions of your alchemical healing journey if you choose to do so... and to journal about your journey of becoming an axis of healing the Philosopher’s Stone in your family and the world.

You’ll participate in a closing meditation, to bathe in the new facets of yourself that enable you to enact timeless healing, receive and send Tonglen, and be a light in the world.

Rabbi Tirzah will then close the course by guiding you in a visualization of the future where you’ll see yourself as steady, deeply grounded, and profoundly useful.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Be guided through a review of the alchemical healing stages and the archetypes, images, and principles you’ve studied... to leave you with a deep feeling of integration
  • Receive teachings about the mythic period we’re living in, and how the archetype of the Apocalypse is the current organizing principle
  • Understand why new possibilities and creativity are available, even in the midst of great destruction
  • Be guided in a profound meditation for the future of the world and its healing
  • Hear a heart-opening poem about the destruction and rebirth that’s occurring in today’s world

The Alchemy for the Evolving Ancestral Healer Bonus Collection

In addition to Rabbi Tirzah’s transformative 9-module virtual course, you’ll receive these special bonuses with leading visionaries and teachers to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


How the Ancient Art of Alchemy Can Help Us Transform the Weight of the World
Video Dialogue With Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and Paul Levy

The medieval art of alchemy is a grand metaphor for the deep process of transformation we must go through to become whole, healed, and integrated so we can truly shift the world around us. Rabbi Tirzah’s fascinating conversation with spiritual emergence pioneer Paul Levy explores how the principles of alchemy can help us transform and heal the destructive forces within our own psyches and in the collective.


Return to the Ancestral Halls
Video Meditation From Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

In this succinct, powerful journey into the Ancestral Halls useful for both veterans and newcomers to the field of Ancestral Healing you’ll be guided to see and be seen by the Ancestors, and to join your own expansive higher Self on the path of sacred healing.


What Graduates of Rabbi Tirzah’s Courses Are Saying...


Robyn Hubbard: “My Study With Tirzah Has Been Invaluable, Both in My Professional Life and My Personal Life”

Jamie Moishe Fleishman: “Tirzah Is Such a Fierce and Passionate Advocate for Us Bringing This Healing of Our Own Wounds Into the Larger World”

“Since taking this course, I feel a connection to my ancestors that I didn’t have before, and I’m aware of signs and guidance from my elders.”

Since taking this course, I feel a connection to my ancestors that I didn’t have before, and I’m aware of signs and guidance from my elders. It’s wonderful. Little things keep popping up that make their presence real for me. Pretty awesome!!!!
Angela Gallagher, Buellton, California

“This course helped me connect to my spiritual roots, and I felt this internally and authentically.”

This course helped me connect to my spiritual roots, and I felt this internally and authentically. It assisted me to be with my mum before she died. Our relationship had been difficult, but through paying attention to being present, I felt our soul essences meet. I feel the course enhanced this contact, which has stayed with me and soothes the grief I feel. Many thanks.
Val Phillips, Bristol, England

“Rabbi Tirzah took us on an incredible journey into the mystical world of who we are as human beings and the role we play in the healing and evolution of the world.”

Rabbi Tirzah took us on an incredible journey into the mystical world of who we are as human beings and the role we play in the healing and evolution of the world. Her guided meditations and rituals were deep and allowed me to open up to new insights and healing practices. And through the entire course, she created a feeling of safety, total caring, and support for each of us on a personal level as we dealt with new challenges and triumphs.
D’vorah, Burbank, California

“It seemed to me a sacred privilege to be able to participate in this course.”

I loved this ancestral healing journey and where I landed with it in the end. With her very particular take on Jungian and Kabbalistic wisdom, Rabbi Tirzah led us through, step by step, giving us the tools to open to and gradually heal the wounds of the patriarchy in our own personal bloodlines. It seemed to me a sacred privilege to be able to participate in this course.
Toni, Blue Mountains, Australia

“This work speaks to my heart and soul.”

Tirzah creates and masterfully holds a sacred container woven from her deep knowledge of ancient mystic wisdom, Jungian psychology, a range of spiritual traditions, what is showing up in the world right now, and her own human experiences, all with openness, humor, reverence, and humility. The sessions are a perfect combination of teaching, experiential practice, and group interaction. This work speaks to my heart and soul.
Lesley, Sydney, Australia


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Nine 90-Minute Class Sessions With Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Jungian psychotherapist and award-winning author Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to transmute your familial pain-body, once and for all, through an intensive alchemical process.

Nine Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Alchemy for the Evolving Ancestral Healer Bonus Collection
  • How the Ancient Art of Alchemy Can Help Us Transform the Weight of the World
    Video Dialogue With Tirzah Firestone and Paul Levy
  • Return to the Ancestral Halls
    Video Meditation From Tirzah Firestone

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Alchemy for the Evolving Ancestral Healer: Raise, Carry, Bless & Bury the Bones of Your Familial Wounds Online Training


We feel honored that Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity learn from a Jungian psychotherapist and award-winning author whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about becoming an intergenerational healing axis luminous and fully equipped to effectively move forward in the life you’re meant to inhabit then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

Note:If you have NOT experienced Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone’s 7-module course Ancestral Wisdom for Walking the Path of the Holy Being, you’re welcome in this advanced program, but we ask you to complete the foundational program on your own as a prerequisite. Please click here to learn more and register.

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More Praise for Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone...

“... uncover suffering and use it to help others ― the final stage of healing.”

Wounds into Wisdom is for anyone who has suffered trauma, either directly or in a family whose generational trauma is buried. It helps readers uncover suffering and use it to help others ― the final stage of healing.
― Gloria Steinem, writer, lecturer, political activist, and feminist organizer

“... an opportunity for particular reconciliation and universal healing.”

With tender compassion and luminous insight, Rabbi Tirzah unwraps the hidden layers of stories, wounds, and wisdom that characterize the global Jewish community. She deftly lifts the complex history of modern Judaism to the light, offering an opportunity for particular reconciliation and universal healing.
― Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam and Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss & Transformation

“... profound help to anyone seeking to navigate the path to healing from trauma...”

Rabbi and psychotherapist Tirzah Firestone... offers us the wisdom of a compassionate therapist whose understanding is broad and deep. She also offers us the spiritual perspective of a rabbi who has found her way to the deeper currents of Jewish understanding... [Wounds into Wisdom] is powerful in itself but it is also empowering we can feel how the author has herself lived through trauma, and has even found her way to become a great healer and teacher.
Rodger Kamenetz, author of The History of Last Night’s Dream and The Jew in the Lotus

"... offers hope to those whose lives have been shattered by trauma.”

Tirzah Firestone’s Wounds into Wisdom offers hope to those whose lives have been shattered by trauma. The question at the heart of this book is this: Can you emerge from tragedy wiser and more free? Her answer, eloquently stated and illustrated by powerful stories and profound insight, is “Yes, you can.” If tragedy haunts your life or the lives of those you love read this book; it has the potential to change everything.
― Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent

“... compels one to positive action.”

Brilliant, beautiful, and compels one to positive action. The people interviewed are so real and lovable...[Firestone’s] writing opens one’s heart to healing and hope. This is a book I will read again for inspiration and specific principles to live a joyful, liberated life.
Dr. Anita Sanchez, author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times


About Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone is an author, Jungian psychotherapist, and renowned Jewish scholar and teacher. She is widely known for her groundbreaking work on Kabbalah, depth psychology, intergenerational trauma healing, and the re-integration of the feminine wisdom tradition within Judaism. Rabbi Tirzah lectures and teaches globally about spiritual and ancient wisdom practices that are honed to assist us at this critical time in world history.

Rabbi Tirzah’s publications include With Roots in Heaven: One Woman’s Passionate Journey into the Heart of Her Faith and The Receiving: Reclaiming Jewish Women’s Wisdom.

Her latest work, combining research on depth psychology, neuroscience, and the field of collective traumatology, is highlighted in the award-winning book Wounds Into Wisdom: Healing intergenerational Jewish Trauma. In it, she shares the remarkable life stories of people around the world who have healed from profound tragedy and trauma. The book provides directives for the transformation of all of our injuries both personal and inherited into moral wisdom, courage, and compassion.


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Note:If you have NOT experienced Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone’s 7-module course Ancestral Wisdom for Walking the Path of the Holy Being, you’re welcome in this advanced program, but we ask you to complete the foundational program on your own as a prerequisite. Please click here to learn more and register.

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Note:If you have NOT experienced Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone’s 7-module course Ancestral Wisdom for Walking the Path of the Holy Being, you’re welcome in this advanced program, but we ask you to complete the foundational program on your own as a prerequisite. Please click here to learn more and register.