With International Speaker,
Master of Bioenergetic Medicine & Quantum Field Visionary
Dr. Sue Morter
A 12-module On-demand Video Training

Expand your capacity to heal at the intersection of energy medicine, neurobiology, and quantum physics.

Apply advanced Energy Codes practices to activate higher frequencies of consciousness, realize your full energetic potential, and create your life in each moment.

The Soul speaks to the body and the body speaks to the mind, but the mind doesn’t listen.
— Dr. Sue Morter

Moving energy... it’s the key to healing imbalances and dis-ease in the body.

It’s also how you can treat the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms.

Yet, moving the energy isn’t enough... not if you’re wanting a real and lasting shift in your life, beyond merely healing.

True life mastery and manifesting your full potential is about stewarding your energy...

In fact, you don’t “have” energy, you ARE energy... pure, Spirit energy.

That’s where the Energy Codes come in. Born of decades of research into the human body, biofield, and higher-level energy systems, they offer a spiritually grounded way to tap into the deeper currents of energy that can shift anything else in your life.

The Codes allow you to tap and ultimately to move energy that you need.

The next level of energy medicine is building new inner circuitry that powers a new version of yourself... living AS energy and manifesting your life as it’s happening.

This is not an abstract process. Each part of your body holds precious gifts and deeper intelligence that can be unlocked by specific codes.

How Can the Advanced Energy Codes Deepen Your Intuitive Mastery & Healing?

The Energy Codes® are a set of proven principles and practices that allow you to become a steward of your energy flow — with healing occurring as a by-product.


Instead of treating or analyzing symptoms (internal and external), you can experience healing by embodying and sustaining your life force through unlocking your Energy Codes.

You’ll begin to see chronic health conditions, difficult relationships, or trauma simply as patterns of energy... that can be shifted.

And, the benefits of the Energy Codes, developed by early energy medicine pioneer Dr. Sue Morter, far exceed mind-body healing...

Dr. Sue teaches daily practices that can stimulate your central nervous system and your electromagnetic field — opening the gateway between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Applying the Energy Codes daily, you’ll begin to...

  • Manifest according to your soul’s requirements
  • Awaken to your role as the master creator of your life
  • Make choices based on how opportunities land energetically
  • Deeply engage with your work and relationships
  • Heal your body-mind by being a steward of your energy flow

Plus, you’ll raise your vibrational field to resonate with your soul’s highest purpose...

Awaken to Your Role as Co-creator

The most profound healing you can experience is awakening to your true role as a co-creator of EVERYTHING in your life.

Living AS the flow of energy rather than from the limiting energy patterns within your body-mind, you’ll begin to embody a version of yourself you’ve only had a glimpse of before.

The Energy Codes will help you build the new neurocircuitry to sustain this truer Self — activating your higher brain centers and creative wavelengths of mental energy.

It’s time to build the internal circuitry that allows you to perceive — and ACCESS — the quantum field of possibility, where all form is conceived.

You are the Creatorship.
— Dr. Sue

And now, healing at the deepest levels and manifesting your highest potential is about becoming fully intentional with your energy — by activating the frequencies of the quantum realm, and gently stewarding them in your body as you intentionally create your life.

The Energy Codes Advanced Training will guide you in integrating higher frequency energy streams from the Divine realm (Chakras 8-12) into your neurobiology, so you can actually hear what your Soul is saying to your body and use your mind to consciously create your reality.

The Energy Codes Chakras

Chakra 8 — Holds the energy that we are to awaken to in this life — and the essence of our life purpose.

Chakra 9 — Vibrates the energetic frequencies of the soul’s purpose in its evolutionary journey. Chakra 9 at an awakened level enables us to master our own conscious evolution.

Chakra 10 — Resonates at the frequencies of embodying our Highest Self. It reflects our legacy and contributions to humanity and our own healing.

Chakra 11 — Awakening at Chakra 11 enables us to operate from pure inspiration rather than trial and error, stimulus-response, and survivorship. It’s the frequency known as the impetus of unfoldment for the soul.

Chakra 12 — Chakra 12 is the pure state of Presence and knowing the Unified Field as the Oneness of Being. As we animate at this level, enlightenment and embodiment become possible.


A New Reality, a New Version of Yourself


In meditation 17 years ago, Dr. Sue awakened to a new reality and version of herself as pure energy. She’s since taught thousands of people the Energy Codes.

And now, Dr. Sue is bringing the most advanced Energy Codes teachings and practices, yet, to an online format — for the first time ever!

Applying new energy practices to shift your biology and genetic expression (epigenetics)... breathwork... potent (and ancient) forms of meditation and more... you’ll open to new levels of spiritual spaciousness and wholeness.


In our first-ever advanced course with Dr. Sue, you can:

Activate levels of consciousness that exist outside the body, which hold your life purpose Define where you are in the cycle of Create, Sustain, and Destroy — from an Eastern perspective Experience potent cosmic support for your healing and Soul’s evolution, through new meditation practices, breathwork, and more Open to the energetic frequencies of the Soul’s purpose in its evolutionary journey Awaken to frequencies of energy that are responsible for life mastery and conscious evolution Begin to embody the quantum-level frequencies for embodying your Highest Self, and contributing your legacy to humanity Animate these higher frequencies so that enlightenment and embodiment become possible Activate the chakras for pure inspiration, transforming the body-mind’s patterns of trial and error, stimulus-response, and survivorship. Open to a pure state of Presence and knowing the Unified Field as the Oneness of Being
You can actually refine your ability to “know” before the evidence appears in the physical world.
— Dr. Sue

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Modules

If you want to truly create your life as an energy being, manifest more effectively, love fully, and embrace (rather than fear) the beautiful mystery of your existence AS energy, you’re in the right place...

Each teaching, contemplation, and training session with Dr. Sue will build harmoniously upon the next. You’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to activate your Energy Codes.

You’ll step into the field of expanded possibility, accessing your highest potential and living as a radiant, WHOLE being emanating love and grace.

Receive Your Energy Codes Introductory Training With the Energy Codes Advanced Training

If you have not experienced Dr. Sue’s work before, you’re welcome to sign up for this advanced training and we will bundle in her introductory course Your Energy Codes for you — which you can do before, or in parallel with, this more in-depth program. This extra training is described below and is included in your registration.


Module 1: You Are an Energy Being
Review & Deepening of Foundational Concepts (November 6 & 20)


More and more, we’re being called to learn how to operate as energy beings rather than as a physical body attached to a mind.

The 7-module Energy Codes training addressed the ways you react mentally and emotionally to your “story.” Taking your attention directly to the body — and its signals from the Soul — you discovered you can create the neurocircuitry to operate differently in the world.

And these new circuits can be utilized far more effectively and efficiently than psychologically “rewriting” your story.

Classes 1 & 2: Training Your Mind to Listen to Signals From Your Body

At the effect of our limited perceptions and stories, “The Soul speaks to the body, the body speaks to the mind, but the mind doesn’t listen!” Dr. Sue says.

In the first two classes, you’ll explore where the energy flows in your body so that you can start to fine tune your ability to listen to your Soul. Dr. Sue will also review the energy body anatomy, focusing on the seven chakras not as centers of spinning energy but as levels of consciousness which influence your biochemistry and your genetics.

Plus, you’ll deepen your understanding of Life in Layers and the protective personality versus the essential soulful self.

Principles & Practices:

  • Your Energy Body: Deepen your understanding of the true, subtle self to master life before it manifests in the physical
  • Life in Layers: Learn to identify as the Soul vs. the Protective Personality
  • Chakras 1-7 and their role in consciousness: Learn the significance of integration between the various layers of your wholeness as described through the chakra system
  • Review of BEST Release: Deepen your awareness of applications of this technique for removing subconscious interference
  • Deepening Practices will be provided for effective practice before your next module
  • Daily Breathwork and Journal of Transformation: Recommendations to enhance your daily practice

Module 2: Expressing Your Wholeness The Human Threshold (December 4 & 18)


Insights and theories are fascinating, but what’s the internal experience of operating as a creator and master of your own energy?

What does it feel like in real time to respond to life, creating your life in each moment? In this second module, you’ll build new circuits that allow you to tap the new skills and levels of consciousness.

You’ll respond to situations which have previously caused you to react, empowering you as the Creator of your reality. Through different scenarios — a relationship issue, personal health concern, or conversation with a colleague, for example — you’ll actually embody what you’re learning.

Class 1: Healing & Transforming Your Life Through Epigenetics

Used in a practical way, epigenetics helps you identify unconscious patterns and build new neurocircuitry that allows you to make conscious, lucid choices. Without this work, your energy system is at the mercy of old circuitry.

To arrive at this ability, Dr. Sue will draw on the next-level of energy medicine, as you get underneath the story, take it to the body, and identify where you need to build new circuits.

You’ll experience what it’s like, in your body, nervous system, and subconscious mind, to shift these patterns on the spot. Awakened and transformed in the moment, you’ll store this experience in subconscious memory, ready to be drawn upon.

And when the same scenario or a similar trigger reoccurs in your life (and it will!), you’ll say to yourself, “I’ve embodied this. I am different!”

Class 2: Distinguishing Between Your Genetic & Energetic Inheritances

Your biology is at the effect of both energetic and genetic “inheritances” — issues which your parents dealt with and healed (or didn’t heal), as well as their gifts. Genetic inheritances manifest in the body, whereas energetic inheritances are the result of where your Soul has been and how it’s evolving. Together, they create your effective evolution, which are governed by Chakras 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

In this class, you’ll explore the relationship between issues you’ve inherited and epigenetics — and your capacity to create new circuitry and transform your life experience.

Epigenetics teaches we turn on a different set of genes that express completely differently. In this class, Dr. Sue will illuminate the role of genetic inheritances in the soulful journey, including multiple lifetimes.

You’ll explore your own genetic and energetic tendencies as they’re expressed in self-worth, relationships, health, your work and livelihood and participate in a powerful experiential exercises to help you track the ways these patterns are expressed.

Classes 1 & 2 Principles & Practices:

  • Moving from the Backside to the Frontside of the Model: Operate as Creator, generating from personal inspiration, not from others’ creations
  • Genetic and Energetic Inheritance Exercise: Track trends in your life patterns of genetic inheritance in the body to establish new circuits for living more freely
  • Make conscious, lucid choices from an energy medicine foundation — ease the need for doubt and deliberation and carve a pathway for simply “knowing”
  • Epigenetics: Explore the science of “trusting your gut”
  • Meditation and the brain — create a new understanding for higher performance through meditation
  • Phases of Awakening (Initiation/Revelation and Stabilization/Embodiment): An experiential exercise to help you recognize when “obstacles” are actually serving your illumination and utilize them for your highest good
  • Take it to the body to tap new levels of consciousness during stabilization and deepen your understanding of circuit-building
  • Cycle of Evolving Humanity (spiral): Learn to steward the evolutionary impulse that’s continuously rising in you

Module 3: Who Was at Your Bus Stop... & What Agreements Did Your Soul Make? (January 8 & 22)


The Bus Stop Conversation is always pointing us toward our greatness. In this module, you’ll discover how everything — from your most painful experiences to the sublime — has occurred not to you, but rather for you.

Class 1: Listening for Your Soul’s Messages to Your Body

Dr. Sue will guide you in a deeply personal exploration of the specific agreements your Soul made before you entered this world.

Becoming aware of, and taking responsibility for these agreements, will profoundly shift your perspective about everything in your life. You’ll start to pay close attention, seeing in high-definition detail, the messages your Soul giving your body.

Class 2: Your Personal Cycle of Create, Sustain, Destroy — Accessing Cosmic Support

We exist in a circular phase of create, sustain and destroy. Drawing from ancient Eastern principles and practice from Hinduism and other traditions, Dr. Sue will guide you to recognize your own personal cycle of create, sustain and destroy — identify where in the cycle you may be stuck, and work experientially to move into the next phase.

These ancient principles of healing and meditation practices are potent with cosmic energy and support. In this class, you’ll tap into these higher frequency energies, applying them precisely where you are within your personal cycle.

Classes 1 & 2 Principles & Practices:

  • Bus Stop Conversation: Identify who was at your Bus Stop and begin to see the benefits of why you are working together in this life
  • Your Personal Cycle of Create-Sustain-Destroy: Discover your place in the cycle at this time as you make distinctions about each phase of life’s unfoldment
  • Eastern philosophy and meditation practices: You’ll be guided to experiential meditations for purposes of circuit-building in preparation for chakra activation

Module 4: The Energy Codes Chakra System (Chakras 8 & 9) (February 5 (Pre-recorded) & 19)


Beyond the seven chakra system within the body, reside higher frequency energies just beyond the physical body. When enlivened, they allow us to live as Masters of Our Lives on Earth...

Class 1: Achieving Life Mastery Through Chakra 8

Chakra 8 holds the energy you’re intended to awaken to in this life... it’s the essence of your life purpose. This chakra has such a high frequency energy that it’s not even housed in the physical body.

If you’re struggling with being able to step into a state of mastery, it may be because you’ve haven’t yet tapped into this chakra. In this class, you begin to animate the high frequency energies of Chakra 8 and learn how to manage them in the physical world.

This is when you really start to operate as Creator...

Principles & Practices:

  • Embody Your Creatorship — activate Chakra 8 and engage circuit-building techniques for embodying the energy of your life purpose
  • Presence of the Soulful Self with Toric Field: Reduce stress with this introduction to the larger picture of the Energy Body and its journey into this life for navigating with grace and ease
  • Toning and breathwork for Chakra 8: Activation of Life Purpose energy frequencies through sound vibration to build circuitry of the Soulful Self
Class 2: Distinguishing Between Your Life Purpose & Your Soul Purpose (Chakra 9)

Chakra 9 is about four feet above your head. It houses an energetic that influences parts of your physiology, specifically the diaphragm in the brain, the diaphragm in your torso and the diaphragm in the pelvis — all of which allow your body to move these higher energies constantly through your system.

Chakra 9 is your soul purpose, which is different than your life purpose. Your soul chose to come to this dimension and have a physical experience as a human being. (It could be doing lots of other things that are very interesting but nothing quite like being human!)

This chakra vibrates the energetic frequencies of your Soul’s purpose. At an awakened level, it enables you to master your own conscious evolution.

Principles & Practices:

  • Distinction between soul purpose and life purpose: Become laser-like focused on why you are here so that manifesting and creativity become first nature
  • Bus Stop Conversations: The Bus Stop manifests between Chakras 8 and 9, here we’ll sense and develop circuitry for working with this energy specifically underneath the level of the “thinking mind”
  • Activating Chakra 9 — Activation of the energies of your Soul’s purpose through a guided meditation and sound vibration

Module 5: The Energy Codes 12 Chakra System (Chakra 10) (March 12 & 26)


Chakra 10, known as the Christ/Buddha Chakra, has to do with your legacy... what you’ve allowed to be true about your greatness, what you’re accepting and honoring, and how you’re emanating your highest purpose.

Your ability to turn on your high brain sensors for compassion, creativity, and transformation relates to the energies of this chakra.

Instead of being affected by life, the frequency of Chakra 10, when animated in the body, allow us to reshape our lives. We become conscious alchemists at the highest level.

Class 1: Clearing Energy Blocks & Animating Your Legacy

In this class, Dr. Sue will guide you in an exciting ascension-descension practice, allowing you to clear out blocks in between Chakras 9 and 10, and utilize their frequencies to shape your reality moment by moment and live from your highest purpose.

Principles & Practices:

  • Your Legacy – Ensure that your physical and energy beings are activated and integrated with each other in order to make your elevated impression on the bandwidth of consciousness for humanity
  • Activating Christ/Buddha Consciousness – Honorably engage the highest frequencies available to the human being as we begin to embody our True Creatorship
  • Ascension/Descension Practice – Transcend the world of survival, fight and flight to live from the high brain centers while connected with the heart. Run the energies of Ascension through your physical body for healing on every level of your life
Class 2: Integration & Q&A With Dr. Sue

In this class, Dr. Sue answers burning questions about integrating the higher frequencies of Chakra 10, the dynamics of connecting your heart and brain centers to consciously shift out of patterns of fight-freeze-flight, and more. This is your opportunity to integrate what you’ve learned so far, with Dr. Sue guiding you.


Module 6: Accessing the God Body (Chakras 11 & 12) (April 9 & 30)


Chakras 11 and 12 are about inspiration and awakening at the highest frequencies. In this module, you’ll animate them in the body — identifying as these energies.

Awakening at the level of Chakra 11 enables you to operate from pure inspiration rather than trial and error, stimulus-response, and survivorship. It is the frequency known as the impetus of unfoldment for the Soul.

Chakra 12 is the pure state of Presence and knowing — the Unified Field as the Oneness of Being. As you animate at this level, enlightenment and embodiment become possible.

Class 1: Attune & Open to New Realms

Dr. Sue will guide you to gently attune your body to perceive these Divine frequencies. You may discover that past, present, and future exist in the same place — and transcend barriers between your physical reality, your Soul, and the God Body. Opening to the spiritual spaciousness of these realms, you’ll begin to experience their vibrations in your own energy system.

Principles & Practices:

  • God Body/Unity Consciousness — A guided meditation experience to activate the moment that you chose to “become.” Living from this awareness offers us true, conscious stewardship of life on Earth
  • The animated higher, Soulful Self — Once ignited at this high frequency level we are changed forever and we begin living in a state of Unity Consciousness
  • Dr. Sue’s story: Awake at the Level of Incarnation — an activation of Creation in Action
  • We are awareness itself — This distinction sets us free in every facet of life. Develop a conscious context to embody awareness
Class 2: Integration & Q&A With Dr. Sue

Now that you’re aware of the powerful aspects of the 12 chakra system, this conversation with Dr. Sue will serve to exponentially to turn on and light up your circuitry of creativity, manifesting, healing, and wholeness. This final class will put it all together!


Your Energy Codes Introductory Training Is Included!


In the 7-module introduction to the Energy Codes teachings, Dr. Sue skillfully guides you in uncovering the next level of energy medicine — sharing proven practices and principles for opening to your full energetic potential. Over seven life-changing sessions, you’ll discover how to tap into the quantum field to expand your capacity to heal and create your life in each moment.

Module 1: Beyond Healing Revealing Your Magnificence

Module 2: Befriending the Void Enliven It With the Energy Codes

Module 3: Marrying Mind, Body & Breath for Deep Core Presence and Abundance

Module 4: Build Your Own Bioenergetic Support System

Module 5: Bioenergetics of Intuitive Mastery for the Empath in a Rapidly Changing World

Module 6: Creating Sacred Relationships

Module 7: Manifest Your Highest Purpose Serve Your Soul, Serve the World

Each training session builds harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to activate your Energy Codes.

PLUS, you’ll get the Energy Codes Bonus Collection:

  • 108 Ways to Embody Your Magnificence
    3-part Audio Program From Dr. Sue Morter
  • Soulmates, Relationships & Love
    Video MasterClass With Dr. Sue Morter
  • Being a 21st Century Divine Messenger
    Audio Dialogue With Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Nichols
  • Embodiment Meditation 101: Clearing the Central Channel
    Audio Meditation From Dr. Sue Morter

Your Energy Codes, originally priced at $297.00, comes bundled with Dr. Sue’s advanced course!


The Energy Codes Advanced Training Bonus Collection

In addition to Dr. Sue’s transformative introductory training and advanced program, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonuses complement what you’ll discover in the course and will deepen your understanding and practice of the Energy Codes.


The Bus Stop Conversation: Soul Contracts & Life Purpose
Audio Teaching With PDF Workbook From Dr. Sue Morter


We enter this life with powerful soul contracts, agreements made on our way in about what we seek to experience here in the body and on this planet. Discover how everything — from your most painful experiences to the sublime — has occurred not to, but rather for, you. In The Bus Stop Conversation, Dr. Sue guides you into a deeply personal exploration through which you’ll powerfully and profoundly shift your perspective about everything in your life.


Front Side, Back Side: Awaken the Creator Within
Audio Teaching With PDF Workbook From Dr. Sue Morter


If there were a scale for personal empowerment, the Front Side would be the ideal perspective: free and strong. The Back Side would be the victimized perspective: incapable and unworthy. The purpose of your life journey is to traverse to the Front Side of the model in every aspect of your experience. Dr. Sue guides you on how to use life experience to awaken to your true power. Contains conversational teaching with excerpts from live presentations, meditations, and reflective exercises.


Vertical Awakening vs. Horizontal Living
Video Masterclass From Dr. Sue Morter


Recorded at Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes Level IV retreat, Dr. Sue shares the inspiration of how embracing your authenticity is exactly the energy the world needs right now. During the Masterclass, Dr. Sue also answers questions from students ranging from relationships — both romantic and familial — to messages from the “other side” and how to surrender to HeavenEarth and when to take action.


What Graduates Are Saying About Dr. Sue Morter...

“Completely experiential and easy to understand...”

Fantastic information regarding how we experience life. Completely experiential and easy to understand and work with. Dr. Sue is an incredible teacher. She’s a passionate visionary.
— Susan, Memphis, Tennessee

“Now I feel better, more alive...”

This course helped me know the true me better. It also helped me release some blocked energy so now I feel better, more alive, and it also helped me stay in my body more, which is essential for a healthier and more integrated and fulfilling life...
— Anonymous

“Essential knowledge needed to navigate today’s choppy waters of life”

Awesome course! Essential knowledge needed to navigate today’s choppy waters of life.
— Lorraine, New York

“It helped open me to the truth of who I am”

Totally life changing! I healed a great deal, and it helped open me to the truth of who I am. I can now move on and begin to facilitate healing in others.
— Amanda, Sacramento, California

“Deepened my strength, keeping me grounded and held by Divine Love...”

From the very beginning I have experienced a “pillar of power” running through me that deepened my strength, keeping me grounded and held by Divine Love throughout my daily activities. I love the exercises that help me feel present and powerful. I resonate deeply with Dr. Sue’s teachings and appreciate her powerful articulation of concepts and ideas...
— Maggie Reigh, Lake Country, British Columbia

“Alive, interested, curious, sure that whatever comes to me is the best”

This course changed the way I see myself. I have not felt so alive, interested, curious, sure that whatever comes to me is the best... Thank you, all my gratitude to Dr. Sue Morter and The Shift Network community for this wonderful course.
— Lupina, Mexico

“Perfect for where I am on my spiritual journey...”

Dr. Sue walks her talk. This was one of the most powerful courses I’ve taken and was perfect for where I am on my spiritual journey right now. Highly, highly recommended.
— Charan Surdhar, United Kingdom

“It deepened my knowledge and experience exponentially”

I have been interested in and studied energy healing for over 20 years. This course was amazing. It deepened my knowledge and experience exponentially. Dr. Sue’s work is amazing. I look forward to more courses and deeper study of her work. I highly recommend it.
— Georgia Gray, Grass Valley, California

“Helps me to reconnect to my true self”

This is a excellent course to take to connect with your body and understand what’s going on and how to release blockages by breathwork and some simple exercises, helps me to reconnect to my true self.
— Sylvia Carroll, Redding, California

“This course will allow you to drop your old beliefs forever...”

This course will allow you to drop your old beliefs forever... easily, effortlessly, welcome to the real you!
— Teressa, Jeffersonville, Indiana


Here’s What You’ll Receive


Twelve 120-minute Recorded Class Sessions With Dr. Sue Morter

Experience a rare opportunity to learn from pioneering spiritual teacher Dr. Sue Morter — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential.


Twelve PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing exercises and practicing new tools to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.


Your Energy Codes 7-module Course and Bonuses

When you sign up for this training, you’ll get instant access to Dr. Sue’s introductory 7-module online course, which will take you through her reliable system to manifest effectively, love fully, and embrace the beautiful mystery of your existence AS energy. You’ll also receive the bonus collection, which includes bonus teachings from Dr. Sue as well as an audio dialogue with Lisa Nichols.


The Energy Codes Advanced Training Bonus Collection

  • The Bus Stop Conversation: Soul Contracts & Life Purpose
    Audio Teaching With PDF Workbook From Dr. Sue Morter
  • Front Side, Back Side: Awaken the Creator Within
    Audio Teaching With PDF Workbook From Dr. Sue Morter
  • Vertical Awakening vs. Horizontal Living
    Video Masterclass From Dr. Sue Morter

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Energy Codes Advanced Training Virtual Program

We feel honored Dr. Sue Morter has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a modern spiritual teacher who combines science and spirit and to connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this important, transformative work.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations, and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Dr. Sue’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — and at your own pace!

If you’re serious about deepening your spiritual life and healing power, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training with Dr. Sue Morter.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your powerful spiritual journey, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

1 Payment of

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Energy Codes — or don’t feel that it meets your needs — please contact our friendly Support Team within 2 weeks of your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue you a refund.


More Praise for Dr. Sue Morter...

“Dr. Sue is a master at blending the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge with profound spiritual wisdom.”

— Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author

“She brings people to the core ‘yes’ of their being”

Dr. Sue puts a powerful emphasis on embodiment, on activation, and actually living these truths. She brings people to the core “yes” of their being. Dr. Sue is a real, authentic teacher, doing the real work... It’s my joy to be associated with her and to call her my friend and colleague.
— Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center

“She is ahead of her time...”

I had the privilege of sharing the TEDxNASA stage with Dr. Sue... and it was a chance to be witness to genius in action. I knew when I heard her message that A) she is ahead of her time which means B) the rest of us have a lot of catching up to do... truly a visionary.
— John St. Augustine, award-winning talk radio host

“I am honored to be in Sue’s community...”

She is a vital force in helping our world evolve.
Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell biologist, lecturer, and bestselling author, The Biology of Belief

“I love Sue’s message and her Soul.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Researcher, chiropractor, lecturer, and New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Placebo and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

“One cannot help but be shifted by her”

Dr. Sue is an invigorating, on fire, and on purpose powerhouse whose aim is to instill in us our own indisputable knowledge of our greatness and our worthiness. One cannot help but be shifted by her.
— Farhana Dhalla, Author, speaker, and coach

“I have great respect and love for Dr. Sue.”

Anita Moorjani, Speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Dying to Be Me

“She grabs you by the Soul and the reverberation begins”

Dr. Sue is the most Humble High Energy, Soul Soaring, Traveling Spirit! She grabs you by the Soul and the reverberation begins. She’s a life changer and consciousness expander and just a favorite Fun Transformational Teacher in this lifetime!
— Lynn Corbitt, professional coach and trainer


About Dr. Sue Morter


Dr. Sue Morter, an international speaker, master of bio-energetic theory, and quantum field visionary, utilizes the embodiment of high-frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. Through her seminars, retreats, and presentations, she illuminates the relationship of quantum science and energy medicine — elevating human consciousness into life mastery. 

Dr. Sue is the #1 bestselling LA Times author of The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life. Through The Energy Codes, Dr. Sue provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self. 

She is the founder and creator of the globally taught coursework, The Energy Codes®, a multi-level body of work on personal and spiritual development. Dr. Sue also created the BodyAwake® RYT 200 Certified Yoga Program and is co-creator of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). She has served on professional licensing boards, providing guidance to healthcare practitioners on integrative approaches to healthcare leadership. 

Dr. Sue is also adjunct faculty at two medical schools at Michigan State University, an AAU school classified as one of the top 100 universities in the world. Dr. Sue is the host of Gaia TV’s Healing Matrix, and co-host of Your Year of Miracles lifestyle training. Dr. Sue is E-RYT 200 and E-RYT 500 certified in Yoga Instruction, and was recently recognized for her outstanding achievements as an honored member of the Transformational Leadership Council. 

In addition to founding Morter HealthCenter in 1987, she is the founder and visionary of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques with an inner wisdom-based approach to life based on quantum science and higher consciousness. With three distinct schools representing the unification of mind, body, and spirit — the School of Energy Medicine, School of BodyAwake® Yoga, and School for Higher Consciousness and Personal Development — Dr. Sue provides tools and avenues to empower the global community to discover and embody a joyful, inspired life, lived from the true, Soulful Self.


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