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Recorded Jan. 8 Sep. 24, 2014

Are you ready to take your transformational business to the next level and significantly increase your income, while making a greater positive impact in our world?


Do you want to grow a business that not only makes profits, but builds deep loyalty, a committed team and changes lives (including your own)?

Do you want to integrate your heart and soul into your business so that you are showing up authentically and fully every day and encouraging others to do the same?

Are you excited to attract the right customers through marketing that is high-integrity, honest and completely authentic?

Are you curious to learn the best growth strategies for online marketing that allow you to double and triple your reach, impact and your profitability?

Do you want to create a holistic lifestyle that is balanced, exciting and enjoyable without the burnout so many entrepreneurs face?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you are what we call an “enlightened entrepreneur” someone who wants to embody your highest values in your business and make a real impact.


You may not even think of yourself as a businessperson, but instead, just someone with a gift who wants to serve on the deepest level possible. That’s beautiful! And, if you have a business where you are charging for your services, you are ALSO an entrepreneur.

But chances are, you didn’t get an MBA or really ever train in business fundamentals, much less the latest in internet marketing, branding, sales funnels, teambuilding or launch strategies.

That’s where the Enlightened Business Academy comes in, which has been created for you and thousands of others like you. It provides key trainings that people like us committed change-the-world types who never got the training that would help us create thriving, conscious businesses we love.

It’s designed to help you go beyond just building a sustainable business that feeds you and your family (while that’s a great step), to a ROCKIN’ business that wows clients, customers, employees and even investors.

Why? Because YOU are the kind of person who can help change the world.

The world actually needs you to reach as many people as possible who can benefit from your work, your teaching, your services, your products and your example. The world needs some big changes, and you can truly help.


That’s why we have assembled the creme-de-la-creme of enlightened business teachers people who have built 6, 7, 8, even 9-figure businesses on truly enlightened principles, with workplace cultures filled with love, marketing that sizzles, triple-bottom-line practices and products that are holistic and beneficial.

They are the leading-edge of a new paradigm of business that not only works better, but is a LOT more fun.

And they want to teach you how to do what they have done, and even surpass them. Because we’re not just training students we’re training leaders of a whole new way of doing business that is delivering exactly what this world needs. And that means the next wave will go farther than the last.

If you resonate with the above, you’re in the right place. We invite you to join us in a soulful, transformational training like no other, with fellow enlightened entrepreneurs from around the world (who can also become joint venture partners, allies, customers and more).

As an enlightened entrepreneur, you may be confused about the basics of how to run your business. Many of the traditional techniques that others take for granted may seem “old paradigm” to you, and you might find yourself reluctant to employ them. And when you do try them anyway, they may not work as advertised. Why not?

As an enlightened entrepreneur, you want to operate under new rules, be held to a different standard and actually use sounder methods.

So what specifically distinguishes an enlightened business from a traditional one?

For one, enlightened companies and business leaders are driven to transform themselves and their clients. This energy of purpose infuses everything they do and everyone they touch feels it. This creates an amazing relationship that goes far beyond what we typically think of as sales and marketing: trying to bribe, seduce or manipulate people into buying.


In short, an enlightened entrepreneur makes his or her deepest intentions CLEAR to employees, customers, allies and investors. And this creates real magic, as people respond enthusiastically to a higher mission, rather than tepidly to a short-term sales gimmick.

That helps you become an enlightened entrepreneur that people trust (and want to do business with). It’s both an inner shift and an outer one affecting everything from how you position your brand to the products you offer.

And that is just one of many, many shifts needed to bring your business into alignment with your heart and soul in a way that also leads to real growth, impact, and profitability.

The Enlightened Business Academy gives you 9 modules of immersion, support, teachings, and concrete strategies to give you what you need to create a sustainable and successful heart-centered business. Nowhere else can you get in-depth teachings from the premiere teachers of enlightened business, all in one affordable package.

It’s the training that all of us in the first wave of enlightened entrepreneurship wish WE had received when we were getting rolling. It will help you avoid hundreds of expensive mistakes that we’ve made, and empower you to grow organically, naturally and joyfully into your full potential.

The return on your investment can be enormous because once you get the core fundamentals of enlightened business in place in your business you can grown naturally and profitably into your full vision delivering transformational products and services that can change the world.

Just to be clear, the Academy teachers are many of the SAME teachers that The Shift Network has learned from to create our own mid 7-figure enlightened business in just four years. So we’re giving you exactly what we’ve learned ourselves.

The Enlightened Business Academy is perfect for you if:

You want to create a thriving business that resonates with your true purpose using step-by-step guidance to optimize how you run and grow your business.


You already have a business and want to increase its financial sustainability and influence through proven methods of successful enlightened business leaders especially online marketing that can allow you to double or triple your reach and impact.

The Enlightened Business Academy is different than other “toolkit” approaches that make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a sterile business factory, or one that is always enticing you with more dollar signs.

We know that you care about more than dollars and yet it’s also important to be financially savvy and have a clear understanding of how to drive profit and manage your business. It’s really about an integrated, full-spectrum, holistic approach to success in your mission and your personal life.


Our approach takes you on a journey that will help you grow from the inside out, bring your business into deep alignment with your true purpose, attract your ideal clients, and strategically develop sales and marketing approaches that align with your soul allowing the right customers to find you.

This course will help you create a business that not only leads you to thrive financially, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And a unique part of this course is that each module will offer tools to help you embody the lessons and strategies that faculty share with you, so that you can walk confidently into your new way of running your business.

The Enlightened Business Academy is a potent transformational business training including business and marketing strategies, content creation, branding, social media, sales, launch, sustainability, and other resources to help you embody the shift to a conscious way of doing business.

The knowledge, tools and templates given in each month’s training calls are worth many, many thousands of dollars to any business that applies this valuable information.

So you can rest easy knowing that you can build your business step-by-step, using just the information you need to know when you need to know it!

Here’s how you and your business can benefit by enrolling in the Enlightened Business Academy:

  • Align your work with your true purpose
  • Multiply your effectiveness and income by focusing on your IDEAL clients
  • Experience confidence and grace in your marketing, whether writing or speaking
  • Feel relief from the overwhelm of social media marketing with a simple and effective marketing checklist to guide you
  • Refine your marketing message, so that it communicates the key benefits with compassion for your ideal clients, rather than feeling “sales-y”
  • Experience forward progress as you go from "good ideas" to deliverable, sustainable, thriving programs for your customers
  • Enjoy powerful marketing via your own clients’ testimonials, praise and referrals
  • Create a finely-tuned, automated system for selling your services and products online
  • Make a greater impact in the world by reaching more people with your message and passion
  • Learn exactly what you need to know about online marketing
  • Gain clarity on the specific transformation your customers will experience helping to direct your business, simplifying marketing, and allowing you to serve customers in the ways that create the deepest transformation
  • Support your potential customers to say “yes” to what they need from you, rather than feeling you need to manipulate them into buying from you
  • Give generously, without sacrificing your business goals, to build a true fan base that spreads your messages for you
  • Free yourself from the delusion that you need to have all the answers so that you can create space for innovation and big ideas
  • Bring clarity to your vision, so that staff and colleagues naturally resonate with your company’s purpose, and support the business without wasteful and unnatural incentives

And all of this happens because you are tapped into a tremendous intelligence that can take care of things in a better way than you can by yourself.


When you tune into that wisdom, and free yourself from the illusion that there is a separation between your business and your higher Self you become more grounded, productive and profitable.

You begin living the truth that your work represents, which makes all the difference in finding your clients, and creating a thriving business.

Note that while we have nine full modules of content, we also recognize that much of the learning, support and sharing that you do with each other is central to the realization of your biggest dreams. So we include integration and embodiment lessons, peer support and community networking in every aspect of the journey. And we strongly encourage you to share all YOU know from elsewhere so we’re creating a strong, global learning community.

What You Will Learn the Core Curriculum

Every module consists of 3 primary teaching and Q&A sessions with our featured expert faculty, along with one integration and laser coaching session with Stephen Dinan, the founder and CEO of The Shift Network who is one of the world’s top enlightened business experts and extremely effective at developing ideas and strategies for taking your business to the next level.

The Integration time is led by Holly Woods, Ph.D., Integral Coach. These modules will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to grow a successful enlightened business.

Module 1: Becoming a Purposeful Entrepreneur & Creating a New Paradigm Business

Taught by Tim Kelley, True Purpose Institute
Recorded January 8th, 15th, 22nd (29th Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this foundational module, Tim Kelley will help you understand and use some of the key practices that today’s top companies and leaders are using to grow their businesses and make a powerful, positive impact on society. Tim has coached billionaires, CEOS of large companies and many change leaders on how to access, clarify and apply your higher purpose in every aspect of your business. You’ll:

  • Uncover your life’s higher purpose, and relate it to every aspect of your business
  • Apply the strategies top business leaders use for higher guidance in decision-making
  • Conserve energy and money by removing activities that don’t serve your higher purpose
  • Learn strategies to approach your messaging in a consistent way that sends the right signals to your ideal partners and clients
  • Develop methods to discern which programs and tactics are in alignment with your purpose
  • Understand the foundational elements of a truly new paradigm business, and when to integrate them as you grow (HINT: NOT all at once!)
  • See the creation of an enlightened business as a journey rather than a destination allowing yourself to keep growing and evolving over time, without getting too far ahead of the market
  • See how new paradigm companies use their higher purpose to engage customers, employees and partners
  • Use higher guidance and purpose information to supercharge your sales and marketing

About Tim Kelley:


Tim is a global change-agent and internationally-renowned expert on higher purpose. He works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform human institutions and evolve society to its new form. Tim has trained over 1000 consultants, therapists and coaches in his methods and worked with hundreds of CEOs, including top leaders and executive teams from companies, such as Nabisco, ING, Oracle, Lexmark and AOL. He formerly worked as a leader at Oracle, two levels below the CEO. He is the author of True Purpose, and the best-selling coauthor of three other books.

Module 2: Mastering the Tender Art of Niching: How to Gain Intimacy, Trust & Connection with Your Best Potential Customers & Clients

Taught by Mark Silver, Heart of Business
Recorded February 5th, 12th, 19th


This session will build upon your now in-depth understanding of your personal purpose from module 1, to further define your niche in ways that keep you centered in the heart of your business. Mark has helped thousands of business owners in the personal development, health and wellness arena (and many others) to align their purpose and uncover the ”jewels” that differentiate them from their competition to design messages that resonate from their heart, while also creating successful offers. You’ll:

  • Translate your higher purpose into a profound understanding of who your target audience is
  • Discover that the true purpose of marketing is not just about attraction
  • Uncover the three essential steps in communicating with your ideal client, and why that matters for marketing
  • Begin to see how relationships are nurtured, and how long it takes to make a significant purchasing decision
  • Learn how to communicate what you do in one compelling sentence
  • Discover how intimacy and trust are created in a marketing message
  • Shift the way you relate to your customer from reactive to proactive
  • Create strategies to funnel clients into your business with ease
  • Build upon your unique gifts and areas of strength to create create strategies that speak the language of your ideal client

About Mark Silver:


Mark founded Heart of Business in 2001, with the mission of helping people in small business who want to make a difference, and need to make a profit. Since then, he and his team have worked with thousands of business owners globally, and he has authored seven different programs that make up an entrepreneurial wisdom academy. Mark’s guidebook, Unveiling the Heart of Your Business, integrates more than 5,000 years of spiritual tradition with down-to-earth, no-nonsense business practices to support the healing of your own split between business action, ethics and spirituality. A designated master teacher in his Sufi spiritual lineage, Mark earned his Masters of Divinity, and seamlessly integrates ancient spiritual teachings that nourish the heart with very specific, nitty-gritty details of how to get business done.

Module 3: Creating Your Irresistible Offer

Taught by Lisa Sasevich, The Invisible Close
Recorded February 26th; March 5th, 12th (19th Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this module, Lisa Sasevich will cause you to shift your thinking from your audience and niche to get crystal clear on the transformation your clients will get as a result of working with you. Lisa helped many of her now six-figure clients create an irresistible offer by generatively building their personal “brand” of transformation that naturally invites clients to work with them. In this module, you’ll:

  • Discern what constitutes a valuable offer for your clients, as opposed to products
  • Use this distinction to completely transform your entire business, from product definition to marketing to business systems
  • Build powerful language that brings ease to your relationships with customers that you can use in every type of communication
  • Give your prospects the opportunity to say “YES” to your offer because they immediately see how it serves them
  • Uncover the three questions to ask yourself that will make putting your offer together an absolute no-brainer
  • Build desire among your clients starting with the first words out of your mouth
  • Be amazed at the simplicity of crafting your offer based on the anticipated transformation your customers will experience
  • Develop ease in sharing your offer with clients as you uncover their personal benefits
  • Structure and present irresistible offers to help customers to BUY NOW
  • Move people from the “MAYBE” position, where no action takes place, to the “YES” position, where they act.

About Lisa Sasevich:


Lisa created a multi-million dollar home-based business with two toddlers in tow. She is the author of The Invisible Close, which teaches experts who are making a difference how to get out their message effectively and authentically. Lisa has assisted in the creation of many successful careers because she insists on guiding her clients in the building of systems that help their customers: make a choice, take action, move forward and commit to something they desire. Lisa will show you how to share your wealth with the world, and thus receive the wealth that people have to share with you.

Module 4: Attract Customers Without Struggle

Taught by Sharla Jacobs, Thrive Academy
Recorded April 2nd, 9th, 16th (23rd Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this powerful module about attracting clients with heart, Sharla Jacobs will share a few simple and easy-to-use, heart-based principles to attract clients to your business quickly and without being pushy. Sharla has coached more than 20,000 clients to become 6-plus figure earners, utilizing her Heartselling™ methods that were “downloaded” from the Divine and have become a powerful client MAGNET for their business. With Sharla’s guidance, you’ll:

  • Uncover the “8 Keys to Attract Clients without Struggle” and the “5 Elements of Heartselling”
  • Recognize the divinity in yourself and in your clients
  • Become curious about your clients’ challenges and concerns so you understand their pain points
  • Learn the 3 magic questions that help you to deliver valuable, free consultations that turn client objections into paying clients
  • Learn how to have conversations about money, and dance with the concern, “I can’t afford it,” with integrity and effectiveness
  • Learn to use the 5 basic elements from Chinese medicine to better connect with yourself and your clients
  • Create a holistic approach for leaning into your clients to support them in getting what they need from what you have, and being able to support them to say “yes” to themselves
  • Find out specifically what’s missing from your communication and mindset about selling, so you can serve your clients more fully
  • Approach your clients with generosity and service to help them become more curious

About Sharla Jacobs:


Sharla is an Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentor, and she and her husband, Jesse Koren, are two of the world’s leading authorities in helping coaches, practitioners and entrepreneurs add six figures to their income. They have taught their step-by-step system to over 20,000 people, and have gifted over 6 million dollars in scholarships to their own events, as well as contributed over $100,000 to causes they believe in. Sharla will give you the treasure map to increase your income and build a sustainable business.

Module 5: Heart-Based Marketing

Taught by George Kao, The True Livelihood Community
Recorded May 7th, 14th, 21st (28th Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this module, George Kao will help you gain confidence as a business owner that you are eternally safe and completely protected. You’ll discover how a heart-centered approach to your customers will bring you more clients and business without feeling threatened. George has worked with hundreds of clients, and well as a faculty member at The Shift Network, and will help you create your own wisdom business. From George, you’ll:

  • Learn how to take the larger perspective on what’s good for your soul, and the souls of your customers
  • Invest your time in the long-term to bring a return on consciousness, rather than a short-term return-on-investment approach
  • Discover how to give from wise generosity, rather than total selflessness, in order to build true fans
  • Strategize how to build authentic fans to garner support through referrals, promotion, crowdfunding, and other resources
  • Get clear about how others can access your assistance through different levels of services that you offer (free, barter, paid, etc.)
  • Learn how to vary the price of your offers to create more opt-ins at every level
  • Let your audience reveal what it wants to be created and delivered, rather than forcing your vision onto your ideal audience
  • Learn self-compassion to preserve your own work-life balance
  • Recognize the benefits of focusing on authenticity, appreciation, learning and karma, rather than solely focusing on sales, comments, likes, fans, conversions or opt-ins

About George Kao:


George is a trusted conscious marketing expert to over 500 clients teaching the most productive online marketing methods for coaches, counselors, consultants, and those who are creating what George calls “wisdom businesses.” His mission is to dramatically raise the marketing effectiveness of people who deeply value integrity, service and sustainability. George has been building online communities for more than 10 years. In recent years, he’s become the go-to expert on how to productively use the Internet to get your message out to the people who would love to hire you for your services, or buy your programs.

Module 6: Scalable Business Models & The Launch

Taught by Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin, California Leadership Center
Recorded June 4th, 11th, 18th (25th Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this tactical module, Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin will share their expertise on how to begin to really grow and scale your business. Jennifer and Bryan have worked with thousands of businesses in the start-up to sustainability phase to reach a high level of success.They will guide you through a journey that will uncover the three pillars of business success Marketing, Sales, and Leadership and how to use them to launch and scale your business. With Jennifer and Bryan, you’ll:

  • Learn to get the value equation right, creating effective business process that guides you in all other business aspects
  • Uncover secrets to effectively focusing attention on core positioning, lead generation, marketing, sales and closing
  • Create mature business systems up-front that allow you to reach sustainability phase in a shorter period of time
  • Develop fulfillment strategies that create sustainability and greater profit, without working harder
  • Learn to create repeatable strategies to deal with short-term customer issues, so you can focus on long-term financial strategy
  • Devise generous lead sources and new product lines that lead to scalability
  • Use automation to fine-tune business leads and fulfillment that frees you from repetitious decision-making
  • Free your attention from problem-solving to design innovative marketing and sales approaches to reach a broader base of customers
  • Learn to feel like the most important thing you can do for you business is to ‘get out of your own way’

About Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell:


Bryan is a leading executive coach, a compelling speaker and a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and sold over a dozen companies (including his own private equity fund), and has now generated more than $10 million in executive coaching over the last decade making him one of the most financially successful coaches in the country. He has become the trusted advisor to some of the most highly-respected executives in the Silicon Valley, coached top level executives at many Fortune 1000 companies, and helped many entrepreneurs build their organizations into success stories taking them from start up to billions in sales.


Jennifer is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, having worked exclusively in high-impact startups most recently as the president of an environmental chemical company, bringing over 40 new technology products to market. Her dedication to the intersection between creativity and productivity made her famous for "getting more done by accident, than most people get done on purpose." Whether its guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development, or guiding an entrepreneur through the harrowing process of creating their business, Jennifer’s insight and inspiration are bar none.

Module 7: The Enlightened Entrepreneurial Mindset: Becoming the Person You Need to Be to Manifest Your Vision

Taught by Ryan Eliason, Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network
Recorded July 2nd, 9th,16th (23rd Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


Ryan Eliason, one of the world’s top coaches for socially conscious entrepreneurs, believes that success is 90% psychological and 10% technical. In other words, it’s 10% skill and technical know-how, and 90% attitude, confidence, focus, determination, and your inner “mental game”. Effective technical strategies are essential to success, but without addressing the psychological level, you’re only going to reach a tiny percentage of your potential. Mastering the art and science of “being” could lead to more success and satisfaction in business and life than you might imagine. It is perhaps the most critical element of business success. In this module, you’ll:

  • Get clear on exactly who you need to be and the attitudes you need to embody in order to reach your vision.
  • Master the technology for transforming your attitude and your way of being.
  • Step into consistently being your best self the person you need to be in order to achieve your vision.
  • Take on being unstoppable, unreasonable, and playing full out.
  • Create a clear, comprehensive, written list of both internal and external obstacles and challenges to achieving your vision.
  • Create a written plan for triumphing over each of those obstacles.
  • Identify your core limiting beliefs and apply a powerful proven technique for transforming them into more empowering beliefs.
  • Learn to identify the voice of your “Gremlin” so that you are empowered to act from the inner knowing that this voice is not your truth.

About Ryan Eliason:


Ryan Eliason’s mission is to empower socially conscious entrepreneurs to transform the world’s most pressing problems. As a teenager, Ryan Eliason co-founded Youth for Environmental Sanity which has supported more than 675,000 young visionary leaders from 65 nations working on social change, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Ryan believes that business can be a powerful force for transformation. In the last three years over 50,000 people joined his Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network, a rapidly growing global community of changemakers. His programs have empowered thousands of conscious entrepreneurs with the tangible skills and mindset shifts needed to expand the reach and positive impact of businesses that focus on a triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. He is now one of the world’s top trainers for social entrepreneurs and has hundreds of clients from twenty-five countries currently enrolled in his training programs.

Module 8: Entrepreneurial Secrets from the Leading Edge

Taught by Stephen Dinan, The Shift Network
Recorded August 6th, 13th, 20th (27th Integration)


In this module, Stephen Dinan will share his well-earned secrets for how to thrive as an entrepreneur, while building a company that aims to positively change the world. You’ll hear how he worked through many challenges to succeed in building a company that has heart and integrity. This module will blend his insights from the “outer game” of marketing, business development and enrollment, along with the “inner game” of developing your capacity as a leader. He’ll also do “laser coaching” to help participants take the next leap in business. In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to build trusted networks of allies through genuine generosity and goodwill, in ways that can lead to rapid expansion
  • Connect with your heart’s truth, and develop messaging that speaks directly to people’s core needs, and builds rapport
  • Turn around failures, mining them for gifts and opportunities for personal transformation
  • Design your operation in a way that maximizes your strengths and creates a thriving lifestyle for you, personally
  • Utilize the power of higher guidance for making routine and strategic decisions
  • Develop maximum synergy by designing launches and campaigns that align with the needs of partners and allies.
  • Get vulnerable with your customers in a way that cultivates loyalty
  • Keep honing your development as a leader taking in feedback from wherever you can
  • Develop practices for innovation, fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Navigate the boundaries of personal sacrifice and self-care as you grow your business
  • Balance decisions that are for the greater good, while also being wise with your personal and organizational resources
  • Navigate questions related to investment, board and long-term visioning
  • Apply lessons from building a truly happy and heart-based company culture
  • Invite partners in a way that doesn’t diffuse your vision and purpose, or undermine cohesion

About Stephen Dinan:


Stephen is the CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders groups. As the former Director of Membership and Marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program, which grew to 10,000 paying members. He is also the author of Radical Spirit (New World Library), and a forthcoming book, Sacred America: Sacred World. Stephen directed and helped create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers and teachers to explore human potential frontiers.

Module 9: Creating Enlightened Work Environments

Taught by Bharat Mitra, Organic India
Recorded September 3rd, 10th, 17th (24th Integration Plus Laser Coaching with Stephen Dinan)


In this final module of the Enlightened Business Academy, Bharat Mitra will share his passion, presence, inspiration and intelligence to help you learn how to build an enlightened business that simultaneously supports you, your team and your customers. Bharat founded Organic India, a vehicle of consciousness in the global wellness market. He will share his holistic business model that supports the Indian farmers, his staff and his customers with sustainable structures. From this module, you’ll:

  • Free yourself of the delusion that you have to do all the work alone, without support
  • Begin to nurture an effortless spaciousness to guide your most effective decisions
  • Embrace humility to allow yourself the space of not having immediate answers to your business’ most difficult decisions
  • Understand how clarifying your vision and purpose naturally attracts staff, colleagues and clients who resonate with that purpose
  • Eliminate the need for wasteful and unnatural rewards that don’t actually incent people to support you
  • Open the door to extreme innovation by inviting others’ contributions, rather than having all the answers
  • Advance growth by creating systems to invest in other people, companies and industries who support your business
  • Learn to create a business that is a part of the paradigm shift that will lead to the transformation needed to sustain and co-exist on the planet
  • Understand how providing consumers with products that are truly made with love, of the highest quality, and that generally support their wellbeing will create more company vitality than the bottom-line
  • Shift to focus resources on developing quality products and systems

About Bharat Mitra


Bharat is the founder and President of Organic India. Bharat arrived in India in 1987. He has been a visionary entrepreneur all of his life, bringing passion, presence, inspiration, intelligence and great love to everything he does and to everyone he meets. Bharat founded ORGANIC INDIA as a vehicle for consciousness, with no separation between “spirituality” and “business.” It is a company where integrity, honesty and respect are valued as a priority; a business where the bottom line includes social responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic success. Bharat Mitra is a Director of The StarFire Fund (USA), President of The Bet Lev Foundation (USA), a core partner of Gold Lake Mountain Resort (USA) and Chairman of The Lev Group (CO, Israel

Your Enlightened Business Academy Bonus Collection:

In addition to the truly transformative teaching and integration sessions, you’ll also receive these powerful bonuses with the world’s leading business visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the academy and take your understanding and success to an even greater level.

The 9 Essential Practices of Peak leadership

6 Session Audio Course with Chip Conley
($397 value)


This program is designed to give you the key foundations to be the kind of leader that others respect, trust, and want to work for. This will allow you to attract better talent, retain them and grow them into the kind of leaders who can grow your business for you. These skills are the single most important skills for success as an entrepreneur just starting out or a leader of an established company.

During this program, Chip will share step-by-step strategies for accessing your full leadership potential, which in turn helps you unlock the genius in others.

Chip’s leadership practices can lead to greater professional, financial, emotional, and even spiritual success, leading you to make a bigger contribution and create a more enduring legacy

You can become the kind of leader that others celebrate and trust. We’ll show you how with this program, which will:

  • Reveal the "PEAK practices" that successful leaders use and how you can adopt them as well.
  • Show how to create sustained growth in your organizations or teams.
  • Offer you a more comprehensive operating manual for business grounded in leading-edge psychology.
  • Help you foster the conditions for creativity, teamwork, and excellence.
  • Provide keys to creating the conditions for people to live their callings essential for breakthrough organizational success.
  • Understand the value of intangibles (the most important asset in the 21st century) and how to measure and apply them in a way that leads to success.
  • Hone your skill at moving between being a transactional to being a transformational leader.
  • Develop your skills at serving your customer’s higher needs, which builds sales and loyalty.
  • Create the sustainable foundations in your life for effective leadership (and great happiness).


The Orientation is optional with the introduction of the PEAK principles being a pivotal part of the session. If you are very knowledgeable in the PEAK principles or have been taught by Chip in another workshop, then you can potentially afford to miss the Orientation...otherwise we highly recommend it and the key subjects will include:

  • Chip introduces himself and gives a brief history of his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO as well as how he got introduced to mixing psychology and business
  • Overview Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it can relate to the business world; Introduction of the Transformation Pyramid
  • Review the Relationship Truths Pyramid from Chip’s book PEAK and how it will be relevant to the course

Class One:

In our first class, we will look at the foundations of PEAK leadership and how they relate to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and address the two core practices: first, to embody an inherently positive view of human nature and, second, to create the conditions for people to live into callings. Benefits include:

  • Review your own sense of human nature and how it shows up subconsciously and consciously in the workplace
  • How to create the right “psycho-hygiene” in a company or team, even in a recession
  • Take a test that tells you whether you currently have a job, a career, or a calling and how you can apply these findings to others

Class Two:

In our second class, we’ll look at two practices that are particularly important in the 21st century: first, to promote and measure the value of intangibles and, second, learning to move fluidly between being a “transactional” and “transformational” leader. Benefits include:

  • Do a diagnostic on your current business as to where value comes from: the tangibles vs. the intangibles
  • How to develop metrics for the intangibles in your business (employee meaning, customer evangelism, brand reputation, innovation spirit)
  • How to identify and amplify the higher needs in those you are leading
  • Understand what portion of your week is taken up by transactional tasks vs. transformational opportunities and how to shift your focus

Class Three:

In our third class, we’ll focus on how as a leader you connect internally and externally: first, to nurture, value, and evolve organizational culture as your differentiator and, second, to calibrate the balance between “conscious” and “capitalism.” Benefits include:

  • Understand how to inoculate a culture against fear and create the conditions for organizational health
  • How to navigate an economic downturn and emerge with a stronger culture
  • Learn how you can make a positive difference in the world while also making a difference on your bottom line
  • Understanding and applying the principles of “karmic capitalism” to your benefit

Class Four:

Our fourth class will focus on the next two practices for PEAK leadership: first, focus on your customer’s highest needs and, second, recognize the value of loyalty as a means to success. Benefits include:

  • Discovering the deeper motives and drivers in those with whom you do business and learning how to address those deeper motives
  • Cultivating intuition in going beyond obvious needs to the unmet needs for customers (the 4 ways you can “mind read” your customers)
  • Do a loyalty audit of your organization and learn how you stack up relative to others
  • How to foster long-term loyalty in customers (helping teach your company the lifetime value of a customer)

Class Five:

In our final class, we’ll focus on integrating what we’ve learned and understanding the last practice of PEAK leadership, “Lead to PEAK”. Benefits include:

  • See how as a leader, you’re always a “sherpa,” carrying people forward by example
  • Learn how to incubate other leaders and thus replicate your successes
  • Becoming conscious of all the ripples that you make as a leader and making sure they align with your values
  • Creating daily practices that help you embody all the principles and practices offered in this course.

Chip Conley:


In 1987, Chip Conley started his own hospitality company, Joie de Vivre (JDV), and, as CEO for two-dozen years, grew it into the second largest boutique hotel company in the United States. Chip and his company’s time-tested techniques and transformational leadership practices have been featured in every major news outlet including TIME, USA Today, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.

As the preeminent thought leader at the intersection of psychology and business, and a successful practitioner of emotional intelligence at work, Chip shared his unique prescription for success in his bestselling book, PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow. Based on noted psychologist Abraham Maslow’s iconic Hierarchy of Needs theory, PEAK illustrates how business’s three key stakeholders employees, customers and investors are ultimately motivated by peak experiences that address their higher, unspoken needs.

Chip is a highly sought after speaker from TED to INC to GOOGLE. He has been honored with the highest accolade in the American hospitality industry, the coveted ISHC Pioneer award, and was one of four finalists for Hotels magazine’s "Corporate Hotelier of the World" award. The San Francisco Business Times named Chip the Most Innovative CEO and JDV the "2nd Best Place to Work" in the entire Bay Area.

Exclusive Training on "Conversion Hacking"

with MindValley founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani


Vishen has become one of the world’s leading experts on conversion hacking, growing his company to $20 million in annual revenues without a penny of outside of investment. Conversion hacking is Mindvalley’s secret for finding dozens of quick-and-easy website tweaks to boost your clicks, email opens, subscribers, sales, and conversions by 20%, 50%, even 100% and beyond:

In this one-hour training, he will address the top ten questions from Shift CEO Stephen Dinan about how to design, improve, and grow systems that grow your business while you sleep. Get ready for a powerful ride as you learn how to:

  • Write emails that get opened, read, and deliver high-click through rates and sales
  • Build learning systems that allow you to continuously improve your results
  • Learn the secrets of great landing pages
  • Understanding paid advertising what to do and what NOT to do
  • How to create a brand that is authentic, trustworthy and sincere
  • Put in productivity processes that allow you to grow your business fast on a 45 hour workweek

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, where he leads an amazing team of 100+ individuals focused on building disruptive systems that push humanity forward. Almost all his businesses involve products or services that change human behavior to encourage human beings to enhance their lives, their health, expand their visions and shake off the shackles from cultural baggage of the past. He calls this culture hacking. Through Mindvalley, he invests and builds education companies. Mindvalley’s goal is to help spread enlightened ideas to 1 billion people by 2050, ideas that you won’t get from traditional education systems. Collectively, they’ve been growing like crazy and now employ brilliant minds from 30+ different countries, all of whom work in their playpen for adults aka Mindvalley HQ, billed by Inc Magazine readers as one of the World’s Coolest Offices in 2012. Additionally, he’s an advisor to several Bay Area startups, sits on the Innovation Board for the X Prize Foundation and via the Mindvalley Foundation, supports a number of philanthropic ventures focused on bringing better education to developing nations by funding initiatives such as Project Renaissance.

The Insider’s Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

Session with Mari Smith


Success with social media is as simple as knowing how to bridge the gap between technical skills in the new media world and good, old-fashioned people skills. However, most businesses still have a long way to go. Technology is constantly changing; Facebook keeps iterating, and new social sites spring up daily, it seems. So, how do you keep up? Where should you focus for real, measurable results? And, how do you overcome your personal fears (and company-culture fears), rise above the noise, and make a significant impact using social media? In this dynamic session, renowned social media thought leader, Mari Smith, will reveal her secrets to building a large, loyal and profitable network using the social web. You’ll learn:

  • The two best ways to create viral buzz while generating quality leads
  • A powerful fix to overcome the #1 fear that prevents brands and businesses from optimizing Facebook
  • Three simple tweaks to make to your daily posts that instantly increases your reach and results

Mari Smith is one of the world’s leading social media strategists and widely recognized as THE top Facebook marketing experts in the world. She is author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

Fast Company describes Mari as, “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and the Pied Piper of the Online World.” Forbes recently named Mari as one of the top ten Social Media Influencers, and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility named Mari one of the top ten Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter.

Mari Smith’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of relationships, marketing and Internet technology, making social media her ideal arena. As a veteran in the genre, she travels the United States and internationally to provide engaging social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations.

She frequently shares the stage with notable leaders and celebrities; previous co-presenters have included Sir Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, and Paula Abdul.

How to Write the Words that Attract, Invite and Inspire Your Ideal Clients to Take Action!

Audio Session with Michele PW


If you’ve been struggling with the hype and slime you see on other people’s websites and emails, you’re going to love this call with Michele PW, Your Ka-Ching Marketing Strategist. She specializes in writing copy that attracts, invites and inspires your Ideal Clients to raise their hand and say "YES" to working with you no arm twisting allowed! In this special session, she’ll walk you through the foundation of how to craft copy on your websites and emails that both you and your clients love.

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the owner of Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a leading direct response copywriting and marketing company that caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Considered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today, Michele is a contributing author to Entrepreneur Press Start Up Guide to Information Marketing and Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income, an Amazon bestseller.

Business Success Toolkit from The Shift Dream Team


To grow the Shift Network into such a successful enterprise, we’ve assembled an internal team of top enlightened entrepreneurs, who work on everything from Summits to Affiliates to Education. In this Success Toolkit, you’ll get access to their best insights and products, all designed to give you the business foundations you need for success. You can use this Toolkit to build a solid foundation of basic business practices that support you and the conscious growth of your business.

You’ll gain access to:

5 Simple Steps to Making Money While You Sleep by Turning Your Passion Into Ebooks, CDs or Videos

Training Session With Alison Marks, Director of Telesummits, and former business coach/owner of Six Figure Home Office

If you’re a conscious business owner who wants to start automating online, this training can support you in helping more people, becoming recognized as an expert in your field, and having hundreds or even thousands of dollars of passive income showing up in your checking account every month.

Get in the (Cash) Flow: Simple Practices Every Conscious Business Owner Needs to Know for Sustainable Growth

Training Session with Mary Kay Morgan, Affiliate & Joint Venture Lead and founder of EFG Consulting

In this session MaryKay, who has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs including including Arielle Ford, Alexis Neely, Suzanne Evansand the largest company in the space (GAIAM), will teach you the essential aspects of growing your business sustainably. MaryKay’s specialty is creating aligned and effective marketing systems that support the "big platforms" of the enlightened entrepreneurs she works with. MaryKay will also provide a workbook on ‘Best Practices for Creating Successful Partnerships’ that will support you to grow your business through relationships.

Getting Enlightenment in Your Bones: Integrating Conscious Practices in Your Life and Work

Audio and PDF training series with Holly Woods, Ph.D., Shift Network Director of Education and owner of Holly Woods Coaching

In this special series, which will be delivered via monthly audio and pdf packets, Holly will support you as you move from conception to integration, bringing the key teachings and practices into your life and business to get the full impact of the Enlightened Business Academy.

Key Business Systems and Resources Compilation

Not only will you have access to The Shift Network Dream Team offerings, but this Bonus will also provide a recipe of resources for setting-up and keeping-up with your business, for launching and scaling, for squaring away your money, time and contacts, as well as to support you in integrating sustainable business practices.

How to Make Money Fall In Love With You

Bonus Call with Morgana Rae of Charmed Life Coaching


If you’d like to RAPIDLY, RADICALLY, and PERMANENTLY change your Relationship with Money, what would that be worth to you? International wealth coach Morgana Rae will walk you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. "Your financial situation reflects your inner Relationship with Money," says Rae. "If you don’t like your finances, something has to change in your relationship" and Rae shows how to jumpstart that transformation.

Morgana will:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to abundance.
  • Abolish your financial anxiety.
  • Change your relationship with money from a monster into your "money honey"
  • Reveal your next step to creating wealth.
  • Give you a Revolutionary System you will use for the rest of your life.

Morgana’s life-changing approach will give you a new experience of money, enabling you to take a quantum leap toward creating the wealth and abundant relationships that you deserve.

What People Are Saying About EBA faculty...

Tim Kelley:

“Tim Kelley’s work is of the highest caliber. His insight, precision and skill shine out from a field that is typically hazy. I know of no better guide than Tim.“
Helen Palmer, bestselling author of The Enneagram

“Tim Kelley gives us all a road map for the discovery of our true purpose in life. If you want a life filled with meaning and purpose, let Tim be your guide. You won’t be disappointed!”
Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee

Mark Silver:

“My whole attitude towards money and business shifted in a dramatic way, all the have-to’s and the shoulds just fell away, and I felt open-hearted freedom to just do what I want to do. My stress level is zero compared to what it was before. It’s exciting. If you just look at the financials I had a hit or miss income before, and now for the last three months I have doubled my monthly income at the minimum. That sure brings down the stress...”
LaShelle Charde, www.wiseheartpdx.org

“Mark is one of those rare spiritual teachers who can roll up his sleeves and help you achieve new levels of business success. At the same time, his presence is deeply healing. I cannot think of anyone I’d rather turn to when faced by both great opportunities and inner blocks.”
Molly Gordon, Self-Employment Coach and Mentor

“Mark and Heart of Business connect the heart and the spirit to the act of being an entrepreneur. But don’t let that fool you his products are deeply practical, useful and great value. Smart, compassionate, practical stuff.”
Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner & Founder at Box of Crayons

Lisa Sasevich:

"I want to tell you about one of the greatest discoveries in America today, and that’s Lisa Sasevich. She’s got some of the greatest ideas on marketing and sales of your own personal services. I’ve been in this business for 30 years. I’ve read thousands of books and articles, and I’ve written dozens of books myself, and I have NEVER seen such wonderful ideas that she has. I’ve spent hours and hours studying her and looking at her materials and incorporating her ideas into my own work, and it’s like a whole new breath of Spring."
Brian Tracy, world-renowned success expert and bestselling author of more than 50 books

"Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market right if you want to significantly increase your sales and revenues from the platform and in your business." The Invisible Close get’s smack into the psychology of making the sales by presenting your products or services in a way that puts you in control and your prospects wanting to buy.
If anyone buys her material, uses it and it doesn’t work better than the traditional methods out there... they must be presenting to a dead prospect!"
John Assaraf, New York Times bestselling author of The Answer and Having It All, CEO, Praxis Now, LLC

Sharla Jacobs:

“I just spent a couple of days with Sharla and Jesse, and I have to tell you I am sort of awestruck at what they’ve created. If your dream is to seriously grow your business, and really design the life of your dreams this is the place to be. What they’ve created is not only cutting edge technology, and all of the templates and pieces that you need to successfully grow your business, they’ve really put it together in a way that is so unique where you can start making money immediately, have a greater impact, and really, truly bring your gifts to the world.”
Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder, Dream University

“Sharla and Jesse are some of the most heartfelt and engaging trainers I know. They specialize in teaching holistic practitioners and coaches how to sell their services and build six figure practices...the most resistant to sales they could have chosen and their clients are successful as a result of their programs. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of the content, presentation or the number of sales if you bring them in as guest speakers.”
Satyen Raja, Founder of WarriorSage Training

George Kao:

"George Kao gently helps conscious entrepreneurs connect our big visions with practical marketing reality. He jumps over jargon, clears confusion, and leaves us with a sense of empowerment and action! Even if you only have the seed of an idea for a business, George envisions end results that bring ideas to life."
Evelyn Fielding, owner of marketingtheintangible.com

"George teaches in a gentle, no-nonsense way that allows me the opportunity to make the best use of my time. I highly recommend his courses to make sure you are being efficient and effective with your social media marketing time!"
Garry Schleifer, Choice Magazine

Ryan Eliason:

“When we first hired Ryan as our business coach, our start-up company was just a vision combined with a compelling business plan. Eleven months later we have given birth to a growing enterprise, with 30 full-time employees, a factory, a supply chain and a product we’re proud to share with the world. In 2009, we reforested over 200 acres of Ecuadorian rainforest and helped provide right-livelihood to over 600 farmers. Launching a startup is very demanding, and I was out of balance when we started coaching. Ryan helped me to clarify and honor what was most important, and to delegate better. This helped me to stay balanced, healthy and connected to spirit. Ryan’s fundraising tips helped us raise over half a million in seed capital, and his suggestions helped us bring more heart and connection to our board meetings. I am deeply thankful for the coaching experience, and rave about Ryan to everyone that asks. He truly cares about his clients and offers a unique balance of business intelligence and spiritual integrity.”
Tyler Gage, President, Runa

“Ryan has helped me grow my business from scratch to a healthy six figures in less than a year! But even more than that beyond the business nuts and bolts he taught me and the accountability he provided as we jumped levels, it’s the depth and sensitivity of Ryan’s emotional support that makes him such a superb coach and someone I would not be without in my life. As a woman, I would never have thought a man could provide the kind of steadying perspective and insight he always comes up with. As a newbie to business, success can be scary if you’re not used to it, and Ryan has not only led me to success, he’s held my hand through the fearful journey.”
Rori Raye, relationship coach for women, author of Have The Relationship You Want

“I love Ryan’s ’no-nonsense’ way of taking any emotional ’charge’ out of building a business and breaking it down into simple steps and formulas. When we started working together I was frustrated and doubtful about the viability of my business. I was so grateful to have Ryan help me get my business started, he’s an expert at helping coaches and professionals get their message out there and actually GET CLIENTS! My Life Purpose coaching business is now more than supporting me. I’ve tripled my income. I’m able to travel, write, speak and enjoy my life thanks to this success.”
Sage Lavine, MA, CLC, Life Purpose & career coaching, From Purpose to Prosperity for Women

Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin:

“One of the best training programs for sales, marketing and leadership in the world.”
Eben Pagan, Marketing Guru

“I went from bleeding red ink in my brick and mortar to making a tasty profit. I used to have fear and anxiety about my business now I feel powerful and free. These are some of the best teachers on the planet and the community will allow you to thrive.”
Jena La Flamme Founder, Pleasurable Weight Loss

“The results of our work has been nothing short of amazing. Our business has tripled over the last several years, and I attribute much of our success to the wisdom and insight gained through Bryan’s coaching. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Bryan to anyone looking to grow their business, improve communications and relationships, or strategize the course of your business, or financial and personal life.”
- Nick T., CEO

Stephen Dinan:

“Stephen Dinan played an instrumental role in the rapid growth of my business. He entered my world when my business was grossing around $50,000 per year and reaching 1,500 subscribers. Just a few years later, we grossed $700,000 through online training and coaching programs that have reached more than 50,000 changemakers in 25 countries. Those are just the numbers. The more important thing to me is the profound positive difference we’re making for the planet. Stephen’s advice and support was a key to this success. Plus, he’s just an amazing human being. If you have the chance to work with him, it’s something I highly recommend.”
Ryan Eliason, founder of Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

Here’s What You’ll Receive


90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions with Featured Faculty (3 per Module, 27 Total)

Experience a rare opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading enlightened business experts, right from the comfort of your own home. Each 90-minute class session offers cutting-edge content, plus coaching and practices to take your business to the next level.


90-minute Integration Sessions featuring Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network and Holly Woods Ph.D. (9 Total)

You’ll gain practical action steps and approaches to integrate the lessons from faculty into your body, heart and mind during the last session of each module. These integration and embodiment elements will help you retain the expert teachings and fully assimilate them into your business.


PDF Transcripts of Each Class Session (36 Total)

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is complete. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.

The Enlightened Business Academy Bonus Collection

  • The 9 Essential Practices of Peak leadership
    Audio Course with Chip Conley
  • "Conversion Hacking" Training
    Session with Vishen Lakhiani
  • How to Write the Words that Attract, Invites and Inspire Your Ideal Clients to Take Action!
    Session with Michele PW
  • The Insider’s Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing
    Session with Mari Smith
  • Business Success Toolkit from The Shift Dream Team
  • How to Make Money Fall In Love With You
    Bonus Call with Morgana Rae of Charmed Life Coaching

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Grow Your Business

We, at The Shift Network, feel deeply honored that these renowned teachers and business leaders have chosen to partner with us for this online academy. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly and be personally supported by some of the world’s most celebrated visionaries and mentors of enlightened business, within a community of like-minds and hearts who are doing this transformative work of expanding enlightened businesses.

Through this powerful format, you’ll not only save time and money on retreat costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll also be able to benefit from these incredible teachings and practices from the comfort of your home at your own pace!

If you are serious about creating a successful business and want best practices to help you bring your offers to the world, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our entire planet to join this one-of-a-kind intensive academy.

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