Mona Delfino
Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shamanic Teacher & Author

An author and energy medicine practitioner with over 40 years of experience, Mona Delfino discerned at an early age that her calling was helping people and animals heal at quantum speed. Well versed in spirituality and quantum healing, she taught the art of alchemy (as within, so without). She had extensive experience reading her clients from afar, as well as seeing them in person, since energy has no bounds. Over the years, her effective and deliberate work helped heal thousands. 

Mona was able to ignite an understanding of the big picture by reading the energy of humanity through astrological patterns, as well as within each individual. She was author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body, The Body Awakens, and Shamanizing Humanity.

Mona offered classes for independent study (including energy medicine courses), as well as podcasts, YouTube videos, and events. Topics included The Spiritual Immune System... The Splendor of Surrender... The Medicine Within... From Perception to Liberation... and Conditional to Unconditional Living.

Although Mona transitioned in 2022, we are still fortunate to offer her programs and wisdom.

Sound As Medicine
Become Your Own Medical Intuitive
Energetic Practices to Bring Heaven to Earth
Create the Life Your Soul Intended by Attuning to Your Intuitive Guidance


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