Dave Markowitz
Bestselling Author & Intuitive Healing Facilitator

Dave Markowitz has worked with thousands of empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people (HSPs) in his 27-year career as an intuitive healing facilitator, guide, and bestselling author. His conversational style of writing, warm demeanor, and open heart invites clients, readers, and workshop attendees to heal, to see their own light, and to connect with others and with Spirit deeper than ever before.

Dave’s work guides clients and workshop attendees gently and compassionately in alignment with what their body-mind-spirit triune can handle — and does so at the causal level for increased awareness, long-lasting symptom relief, an expansion in intuitive guidance and spiritual growth, and a clearer vision of who they really are and where and how they can best express their gifts of empathy and sensitivity for the benefit of all.

Working with Dave reminds us that we are never alone, and that there is always hope for healing. He’ll help you connect to your own truth beyond the façade of the ego, and to befriend the parts of you that you were taught to hide: namely, your fear, anger, and grief. These parts of self need love and attention just as much as the more accepted parts of you — for example, your compassion, heart, and caregiving nature — for true whole-body, long-lasting healing and spiritual growth.

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