Magick Altman
Author, Life Coach, Tarot Reader

Magick Altman has a broad range of talents and expertise including Tarot counseling and teaching, spoken word performance, and activism. She is also the author of the definitive work called, Magick Tarot, A Journey of Self-Realization, and numerous recordings with musicians, including the CD, Magick for the Earth. Magick enhances the lives of thousands through her unique knowledge of the Tarot. She integrates Kabala, Astrology, Jungian Archetypes, Numerology, Myths and Symbols to weave a tapestry of her client’s lives as well as readings for the world. For over 30 years, this gifted reader has amazed clients with her accuracy and keen insight. She is available for individual and relationship readings, as well as private and corporate events. Magick holds a lifelong vision of humans reintegrating themselves into Gaia’s system to heal ourselves and the Planet. Another world is Possible! In fact, it has been here all along. She resides in San Francisco and Sebastopol.

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