Ariel Spilsbury
Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School & Author

Ariel Spilsbury describes herself as an empty reed of consciousness who humbly listens to the divine current and scribes what is heard and felt. Having devoted her life to the conscious awakening of all beings, she’s traveled around the globe for more than 30 years to share the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. She’s offered this work through writing, teaching, sacred theater presentations, creating a metaphysical store, conferences, consciousness events, lectures, seminars, starting a metaphysical newspaper, moon circles for women, spiritual counseling, and maintaining a temple for the Goddess for 25 years.

Ariel, the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and the author of The 13 Moon Oracle and Gaia's New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia's Greening, offers spiritual counseling services and workshops designed with the intention of planetary awakening. She offers Initiation into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Mayan initiations, Divine Child workshops, and a sound-and-light technology called crystal singing. Ariel magnetizes sacred circles of light around the planet to bring people together in divine communion, love, and remembrance.

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