Marion Gilbert
Physical Therapist, Owner of Spring Physical Therapy & Somatic Enneagram Teacher

Marion Gilbert,Ā who has been practicing physical therapy since 1978, is the owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, California. She has extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional ReleaseĀ® and Trauma Resolution. She has been actively using the Enneagram professionally and personally since 2003.

She emphasizes the role of the somatic lens of perception in facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation with the Enneagram. Her specific interest is in developing somatic awareness for reconciling 3-centered awareness, providing a platform for meditation, contemplation, and awakening practices. She has developed the Somatic Enneagram Certification Training and is teaching locally, nationally, and internationally. She is an adjunct faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram and an advisory board member of the Enneagram Prison Project.

The Somatic Enneagram


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