Brandy Gillmore
World-Renowned Mind/Body Energy Expert

Brandy Gillmore, who has a PhD in natural medicine, is a world-renowned mind/body energy expert who is well known for her discoveries in self-healing and working with the power of the mind to achieve tangible results. Her breakthrough work has been featured in an award-winning documentary and various docuseries. Brandy speaks on stages around the world and has also given a mind-expanding TEDx talk.

Brandy’s expertise in self-healing originated from her own devastating accident that left her disabled and living in excruciating pain despite being on multiple medications, including morphine. On a good day she could get around using a wheelchair, cane, or walker, and on a bad day she didn’t make it out of bed. Her injury left her debilitated for almost seven years.

When doctors told Brandy there was nothing they could do, she became determined to find a solution. The success of placebos was proof that our minds do “somehow” have the ability to heal, and Brandy was determined to figure out how. After years of trial and error, she was able to make significant discoveries about the mind that ultimately enabled her to heal herself. She now uses these same discoveries to help others also get radical life-changing results.

After Brandy’s recovery, an additional phenomenon occurred. She developed a special gift — the ability to feel what others are feeling. This remarkable empathic ability has provided her with unique insight into helping others heal.

Today, Brandy shares her leading-edge discoveries with top celebrities, Olympic athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and groups worldwide. Her goal is to help advance traditional research to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. 

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