Titanya Monique Dahlin
Creator of Energy Medicine Dance, Energy Medicine for Kids, Life Color Expert

As the daughter of holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden, Titanya Monique Dahlin has been immersed in Energy Medicine all her life. Since 1996, Titanya has taught and assisted in Donna’s worldwide workshops and is a popular teacher for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

As a third generational healer and clairvoyant, Titanya’s psychic gifts awoke in her ability to interpret the Life Color in a person's aura.  Each of us is born with a unique vibration, that shows up as colors within our auric fields. This energetic vibration called, The Life Color sits within the 6th field in 7 fields within your aura.  The Life Color determines your basic lessons, belief systems, gifts, and obstacles throughout this lifetime. Titanya has given thousands of Life Color sessions by tapping into people's life journeys and life purposes since 2006.

As a certified Waldorf teacher, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and a Mother of a beautiful wild child, Titanya has created Energy Medicine for Kids and Energy Medicine Dance. A former award-winning Belly dancer, She also leads empowering women's healing retreats and ceremonies worldwide through Energy Medicine and Sacred Healing Movement.

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